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Golfers are passionate about their sport so a gift of promotional golf accessories is likely to engage them on an emotional as well as a business level. If you company is planning a golf day for staff or clients a custom branded golf gift will be used long after the final scores are tallied and the last put sunk on the 18th. For any of us who enjoy the auld game the enthusiasm with which participants in golf embrace accessories is not surprise. You're always looking for an edge on the course. Golfers are conservative by nature so any golf accessory gift you offer is likely to stand the test of time. Next time there's a tournament on TV take the morning off work (purely for professional purposes) and study the branding on the merchandise the professionals prefer; subtle yet standout. There's no reason that your logo cannot positively add to the apparent value of a promotional golf gift as it does for one of the large recognised equipment brands

    Using Golf Accessories in Marketing & Promotions

    Golf outings are very popular ways for clients and partners to meet with one another, and this provides an excellent appropriate time to distribute branded items. Branded golf accessories may come in a vast array of different types, and products can be found in all budgets, making these some of the most versatile and workable promotional products on the market. From golf tees to custom made driver covers, a brand has the ability to impress their client or partner using a branded golf accessory.

    Golf accessories may also be used to market for golf courses or clubs as well, and customers at these businesses are those which can appreciate the branded accessories a course may have to offer. When a recipient takes their branded golf accessory to play with friends, relatives, or co-workers at a different desired course, it can be a particular course’s branding they are exposed to, placing the logo into their consumer conscious. For personal gifts, golf accessories are those that can travel well, and often do travel along with their recipients to different courses or clubs. Whether a golf accessory is branded by a corporation, or adorned with another golf course’s logo, these accessories can help to market for any brand as recipients use them during their relaxing day on the green.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Plastics, metals, fabric, and wood are just some of the materials used to manufacture golf accessories, and there are both executive and affordable options available. For brands that pride themselves on promoting a green message, wood tees, markers, and pitch repairing tool are available, and these pieces are made using only environmentally sustainable materials. As an inexpensive option, branded golf tees are products that can always be used by golfers, and these wood or plastic accessories are affordable enough to be reachable by any brand.

    The print area on golf accessories will vary depending on the product you order, and the shape and use of a product will be what greatly determines where a print area should be placed. The print area on golf accessory pieces is the area that is reserved for a company’s custom branding, and these are always kept in the most visible locations. Pad printing, screen printing, or laser engraving will be used to brand golf accessories, and different print methods are reserved for use on different materials. The print method chosen will ensure optimal visibility whether a metal, plastic, fabric, or wood style is desired.

    Promotional Case Study

    A golf course handed out promotional golf tees to those who signed up the play on the course during a promotional weekend. These tees were highly appreciated by players, and they could often be seen being used on the course throughout the span of the summer season.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Golf accessories of a small size may be packaged easily and shipped affordably to recipients, as these are able to travel vast distances while still costing only a low sending price. For larger items, hand distribution is recommended to keep the prices affordable.

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