Promotional Golf Umbrellas Custom Printed


The rules of golf don't just cover penalties, strokes, and the sort of clubs you can play, they also cover visible branding by golf equipment manufacturers. When the rain starts coming down on a tournament, the golf umbrellas start going up, and it's only then that you will see how prominent relative to other branded merchandise, the print on a promotional golf umbrella can be. Golf umbrellas are built to a larger scale and with more robust features than traditional umbrellas. Designed to bend like reeds in the wind they can endure dramatic climatic changes and offer protection from the sun, wind and rain. Sports umbrellas offer a combination of large canopy size and robust construction which makes them an ideal choice for promotional activity and of course the large scale print and vibrant contrasting colour pane design attracts even more attention to your branding

    Using Golf Umbrellas in Marketing & Promotions

    For corporate users custom golf umbrellas provide large scale branding and high level practicality. Have some client's visiting who need to get to the cab? Your company golf umbrella is a way to make sure they get to their ride without getting soaked to the skin. One of the best articles recently about promotional marketing involved a visit to the larges technology fair in Las Vegas. Surrounded by the latest offerings form the worlds leading technology brands, the strongest impression the author had of the event was being given a promotional golf umbrellas during a rainstorm. Of the billions of dollars spent on the advertising and promotion of the products available, it was an eight dollar golf umbrella that captured the imagination of this tech savvy correspondent. FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999 to find out how you can make a golf umbrella investment work like this for your company.

    Guide to Using Golf Umbrellas to Build Brand Awareness

    A handy rain umbrella is an item found in homes, cars, and offices all over the world, and these may be carried by individuals in order to protect them from harsh sun or rain. The purpose of an umbrella is to be carried outdoors, and this allows these items to travel exceptionally well in all weather conditions, making them ideal pieces to use for marketing any type of brand.

    When a rain umbrella is carried, the design of the product will be noticeable to any they may come into contact with in any location on any given day, and when a brand logo is part of this design, it will be able to be recognised easily. Using a portable item for marketing purposes, such as an umbrella, is recommended due to how many audiences may be reached as they items are used, and umbrellas provide a way for a brand to gain maximum exposure while only spending a minimal price. Rain umbrellas are typically affordable items, although executive models may be branded as well. The inexpensive price of a branded rain umbrella allows these products to provide unlimited marketing potential to brands of all sizes, and the audiences that are able to be reached using these items are truly limitless.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    A rain umbrella will be comprised of a canopy, support beams, and a sturdy holding post, and these may be made from a variety of different materials. Typically, the canopy portion of a rain umbrella will be crafted from either plastic or waterproof fabric materials in order to allow the umbrella to remain lightweight and easy to manage, while the support beams and pole will be crafted using a light metal such as aluminium. The materials chosen in creating these products are picked to provide the utmost durability during all weather conditions.

    The canopy of the umbrella will commonly serve as an all over print area, and a brand may choose to place their logo on one single location on the piece, or in multiple places, depending on their desired style and method of marketing. The print area is the region reserved for the printing of a design, and these areas are always chosen with complete visibility in mind. A screen printing method is used to apply brand images, and this is allows the branding to remain crisp even after coming into contact with moisture or sun over long periods of time.

    Promotional Case Study

    A company gifted branded umbrellas to their sales team who would often travel all around the world in order to meet clients and give presentations. The team members would take their umbrellas with them to various locations, and those who they were meeting with appreciated the professional look of the pieces. As recipients took their umbrellas on trips, they were also exposing audiences all around the globe to their company.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Rain umbrellas may be shipped inexpensively if package numbers are low, but these products can grow to be high in weight when shipping large quantities. For a personal connection and low cost, hand distribution is often recommended.

    Golf Umbrellas
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