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As people become more obsessed with germs promotional hand sanitiser is an answer to the concerns caused by the microscopic world of bacteria and viruses. People rely on promotional sanitiser gel to keep the unseen enemy at bay. The extensive selection of promotional hand sanitiser gels and wipes are all supplied complete with custom logo printing and make a personal gift which shows your company cares about the transmission of disease. In the flu season or around the kitchen and office amenities, anywhere personal contact and interaction takes place there's a reason for Sanitiser Gel to be part of the marketing mix. You don't have to be a doctor or pharmacist to take advantage of custom branded hand sanitiser. Sports team wanting to keep a full team on the field, childcare and education facilities all have issues for which sanitiser products offer answers

    Using Hand Sanitiser in Marketing & Promotions

    With cold and flu bugs becoming stronger and more serious than ever, hand sanitiser has become one product seen on desks, in handbags, and in pockets everywhere. Many individuals swear by these products and will carry them along with them while going about their daily routine in order to clean their hands of any dangerous germs when soap and water may not be available. When branding is placed on these items, it can be a particular company that draws the eye each time a recipient reaches for their sanitiser, providing them with an ample amount of exposure both inside and outside of the home. Hand sanitiser is a product often shared as well, and this can provide branding with even more meaningful contact with the public. While recipients will undoubtedly notice the branding placed on these sanitiser products, their friends, co-workers, and relatives can recognise and remember this branding as well as the sanitisers are shared.

    Those in the healthcare industry, pharmaceutical industry, or education can particularly appreciate promoting their brand using these products, as their audiences will often have health in mind. When a recipient uses their sanitiser, and notices the branding placed on it, they can remember that the brand cares about the state of their health and staying healthy all throughout the year.

    Manufacture & Branding

    Hand sanitiser will typically come in 1 of 3 different forms with spray, gel, or wipes. Each variety of hand sanitiser serves to kill bacteria and germs on the hands, and they can be made both large and suitable for public use or small and better suited for personal use. Hand sanitiser gel is made of an alcohol base that isn’t overly harsh on hands, and this can come in vessels large enough for the entire office to share, with a convenient pump bottle, or small enough to squeeze into a pocket with a convenient squirt top for application. These bottles will often have a branded label applied to them which will bear the full colour digital or pad printing of a brand design.

    Spray bottles are normally smaller, and these are best for an economically friendly personal use promotional item. Like the gel, the hand sanitiser spray uses a gentle alcohol base to cleanse hands without over drying, and their thin cylindrical bottle shapes are made to fit effortlessly into a purse or pocket. Pad printing will be used to place branding on the central body location of these items. Wipes are also a useful option, and these have the antibacterial solution already applied to a convenient disposable wipe which may be rubbed onto the hands. Both small and large varieties are available and digital printing is used to place the focus of the item on branding.

    Promotional Activity Case Study

    A pharmacy wanting to get the word out about flu season handed out branded personal hand sanitiser gel bottles to customers with purchase during a fall promotion. Along with the pharmacy’s logo, each bottle had printed on it a flu fact as well as a coupon for a discount on natural product based flu remedies. The pharmacy reported their highest level of sales of these complimentary medicines ever the following month.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Due to leak risks with gel and spray varieties, these are products that may be best distributed by hand rather than via shipping.

    Hand Sanitiser
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