Health & Wellbeing Promotional Products


Branded health fitness promotional products connect you with your customers They encourage healthy living and activity so they also work as motivators and rewards for staff fitness programs or just to improve the level of engagement and energy around your office. When you put your logo on a promotional health product you're sending a range of messages, not just that you offer care and support but that your organisation stands on the side of health and wellbeing in all its activity. Branded health and fitness merchandise offers staff and client solutions to a number of the issues which face Australian business. The sun always beating down means sunscreen is a must have item for outdoor activities or for staff who spend time in the sun. 

    Using Personal Health & Lifestyle Products in Marketing & Promotions

    Custom health products are the ideal way to kickstart your company health program or fitness campaign. But don't let it stop inside your office, take your plans to your clients and other business contacts and before you know it the energy levels around you will be rising. There's something here for everyone not just the fabulously fit. Use promotional health products to turn your office into a powerhouse.

    Make it Personal with Feel-Good Promotional Gifts

    Any type of business can use promotional health and personal products to reach out to customers. The best giveaways are designed to meet a specific need of the recipient. If you're hosting frequent travellers, you can help make their visit a little more comfortable with some luxury toiletries like soap, manicure sets, brushes and combs, or a travel toothbrush. We have lots of branded travel accessories that are great for business professionals on the road. Compact mirrors, Pill boxes, dry soap dispensers, and shoe horns all simplify life on the go. Thankful customers will always think of your on their trips with personalised health and personal accessories.

    If you're hosting an outdoor event, you can build the perfect welcome bag with our printed health and personal items. Consider including towels, sunscreen, lip balm, and hand sanitizer. These tools will make a company picnic, day at the beach, or outdoor sporting event comfortable and enjoyable for everyone. Little details like strong SPF for the Aussie sun are easy to forget. You can demonstrate your dedication to protecting your customers' health and well being by having these essentials on hand. Producing these items just when they're needed is going to make a lasting impression on recipients. Hotels, spas, cruise lines, and other travel industries can really benefit from these products.

    Corporate Fitness Programs go better with Branded Merchandise

    Promoting fitness is a great way to connect with customers. Children and adults alike are at increased risk of obesity and related diseases in this digital age when so many activities take place on the computer or in front of a television. Encourage customers to get up and get active with fun fitness related giveaways. Branded health and personal products that encourage fun and activity are sure to get a lot of use. We offer yoga mats and skipping ropes that are perfect for sending your promotional message. If you're hosting a company picnic or corporate retreat, you can even plan activities that put these products to use right away.

    The corporate lifestyle is often very stressful. Recognising this and providing a solution is sure to earn you long-lasting loyalty from your customers who need a little relief from the rat race. We offer several printed health and personal products in the stress relief category. Scented candles in beautiful decorative containers are a welcome way to relax and reduce anxiety. We have an extensive variety of massagers ranging from traditional hand massagers to those powered by batteries or a USB cord. These are great for a little stress relief at the desk. Not sure where your stress levels lie? We have stress tester cards that will provide the answer.

    Have Your Health and Lifestyle Products Custom Branded

    All of our promotional health products are easily branded with your company name and logo. Some, like the stress test cards, have a large print area where you can even include some information about your business. You want your clients to know that you have their best interests at heart and these products will send your message loud and clear. The right accessories to complement your marketing campaign are essential for making that personal connection. Let your clients know you're serious about a stress free experience, hassle free travel, or health and fitness with these perfectly branded health and personal accessories.

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