Promotional Hoodies & Sweatshirts Custom Embroidered & Printed


Everyone loves casual clothing and a promotional hoodie combines comfort and casual styling with warmth and flexibility. Whether it's for a company event, a sports our outdoor sponsorship of just to keep the staff from suffering the worst aspects of the local climate a hoodie sweatshirt is a traditional branding opportunity which sports clubs and sports people have regularly paraded before the cameras. A garment which people have worn during training and exercise a custom hoodie has practical reasons a plenty for it to be part of your company wardrobe.

    Using Hoodies & Sweatshirts in Marketing & Promotions

    Our range of custom branded sweatshirts all include your custom logo or print no matter what you have in mind. Pick the colours, styles, and information that you need to be embroidered or screen printed and leave it to our Free Design team to come back with the best option to make the most of your orderCheck the rest of our apparel and custom clothing lines while you're here and find other garments in the range which will compliment a hoodies and build to a organisational wardrobe. To make an impact with your clients and staff call right now to speak with a consultant and order your custom styles on-line.

    Using Hoodies in Promotional Activity

    Whether being used as casual wear, or something to put on to sweat it out in the gym, promotional hoodies have a wide audience and a vast array of uses that its users will find real value in. Hoodies are very practical items, and may different individuals will wear these pieces for a variety of different reasons. They may be used to encourage exercise and healthy living programs for a staff and given by an employer, sports sponsors may place their branding on these hoodies to give to a team to allow them to represent their brands, or they could be gifted as pieces of casual wear to a staff as a personal gift.

    Materials & Branding

    For a premium option, cotton is available to provide cool comfort to any wearer while still representing a company. In a more economically friendly option, polycotton may also be chosen as this fabric is easy to clean, easy to iron, and lasts just as long as its pure cotton counterparts.The standard artwork method on a promotional hoodie is embroidery, and a subtle method is to embroider the chest area with a personal name or brand message, but higher visibility areas such as the front or back of the collar is also available for branding. Large scale screen printing may also be placed on the back of each hoodie to allow for a highly visible artwork method.

    Use in Personal Marketing

    A promotional hoodie has many uses in personal marketing. A hoodie may be given as a personal gift from an employer to their staff as a branded piece of casual wear, staff uniforms may also incorporate hoodies to keep employees warm on cooler days, a loyalty program may use personalized hoodies to give a custom gift to their members, a branded hoodie may be used as street uniform attire for a sports team, or health programs may provide them to members to represent their brand both in and out of the gym; the many uses create an ideal personal marketing situation.

    An industry with office staff, or the sports industry, may appreciate hoodies as a way to give a branded gift that may be used for casual wear or as part of a team uniform. Community groups or youth event organisers can also appreciate these pieces of apparel when wanting to provide greater exposure for their organisation. Custom fabrics and colours are available, though off the shelf options are recommended when the main focus is to be on branding.

    Case Study

    A local gym offered a sign up bonus of a hoodie with each new membership purchased, and these hoodies were worn in the gym as well as on the street, garnering attention for this gym and the sign up bonus promotion. The hoodie promotion needed to be closed soon after as the supply was unable to meet the new waves of demand.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Hoodies are pieces that are meant to be comfortable and loose-fitting, so not as many sizes need to be catered to specifically as they may be with other types of garments. Due to their size, however, it is best to hand out promotional hoodies personally.

    Minimal Price: $29.60