Custom Hospitality Products Personalised & Logo Printed

Using promotional hospitality items opens your brand to the wider world. Cooking and eating are something everyone does and because wining and dining is both emotionally and socially satisfying using custom kitchen gifts and hospitality gear allows you to connect with your market at both levels. You only have to watch one of the reality TV cooking shows to see the display value of putting your logo on food and beverage accessories, the logos on which standout amongst the teams of contestants sobbing into their souffles.

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    Using Hospitality Products in Marketing & Promotions

    Our range of promotional food and beverage gifts can be used either during business hours or taken home to reinforce the value of the imprinted brand. Items like custom bottle openers and coasters can become part of the general business landscape around a client's office. Wine gifts appeal to the executive and professional classes. Lunch boxes make great gifts for kids and we also supply a complete range of custom hospitality accessories like napkins and glasses which are essential for any soiree.

    Our range of promotional cooking and kitchen gifts covers all marketing dietary requirements. As more and more people take an interest in fine dining at home and at restaurants it makes sense that any branded kitchen gift which adds to their sense of excitement of ease of completion of a difficult recipe will increase the likelihood of a positive clients' disposition. You'll find every promotional cooking accessory you need here to whip up a marketing feast and the sauce to go with it.

    Marketing with Hospitality Products - Here's Cheers

    Custom food and beverage accessories come in all different shapes and sizes. Whether you're working with a massive budget or looking for cheap food and beverage gifts, there's something here for you. Fresh Promotions covers every nook and cranny of this arena and offers unique gifts for everyone, with choices that range from high class to fun and whimsical. Many of these items are available in an assortment of colours or finishes. All can be customised with your company name or logo. Whether in fine engraving or colourful pad printing, your company's name is sure to stand out on these choice products.

    If you want to promote beer, wine, or other alcoholic beverages, there are many customised ways to do so. Branded food and beverage items like wine glasses, wine holders, wine openers, and wine stoppers, all ensure that your customers are able to enjoy a delicious glass with all the necessary accessories close at hand. We even have gift sets with an assortment of wine accessories. Customers who want to enjoy a bottle on a picnic or other trip will enjoy the usefulness of our branded wine bottle coolers and wine carry bags as well. Don't forget an ice bucket for serving. Fresh Promotions has it all and every piece can be branded for your company.

    Every Office Needs Glasses, Tumblers and a Corkscrew!

    Beer glasses, polycarbonate glasses, tumblers, and shot glasses ensure that there's ample drinkware for other types of beverages as well. If you're looking for something smaller in the personalised food and beverage category, coasters and bottle openers can be used for both soda and beer, and are easier if you're catering to a more family friendly audience. These accessories are a great gift for your customers, but they shouldn't be overlooked as a staple of your own establishment. If you're running a restaurant or bar, branded glassware, napkins, coasters and bar mats are staples, not luxuries. If an item is snagged, you can be sure it will become an advertisement for your business wherever it goes.

    Promotional Hospitality Ideas for Kids & Families

    Promotional lunch boxes are another versatile range in our cheap food and beverage offerings. Handy food containers are something that anyone can use. They can travel to work for lunch at the office or go along to school so kids always have a healthy meal. We offer lots of different options including heat and go containers, snap lock storage containers, and branded lunch boxes. These travelling tools will take your company name on the road. If you're promoting healthy eating habits, this is a must have gift that will demonstrate your dedication to this goal. Every recipient will walk away equipped to pack healthy meals for lunch and work every day.

    All of our branded food and beverage products offer customisation options to make them uniquely yours. With your company logo right on each item, you can be sure that you're making an impact on the recipient. These products are great as corporate gifts, conference and trade show giveaways, or rewards for your own employees. Toast to your success with branded champagne glasses or make sure every last detail has the proper branding with custom napkins at the company picnic. The options for these printed food and beverage products are endless. Good food and drink is a universal pleasure you can easily serve with any of these items.

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