ID Holders & ID Pockets For Conferences & Events

With security concerns greater than ever and many companies requiring ID cards to gain building access the range of ID holders available are a perfect fit with a company lanyard or badge reel. If you're planning a conference or even a hospitality business running an event, ID card holders make security simple, exclude interlopers and are a mark of recognition between associates and attendees. Add your custom printed insert to the clear PVC sleeves available in this page to create an instant ID which is recognisable by everyone attending your event. Custom printing on teh sleeves themse;ves is also available but usually printing the insert is enough. Everything you need to create your own custom ID is available on this page!

    Using ID Holders and ID Pockets in Marketing & Promotions

    Available in dozens of different size configurations, promotional ID pockets can be custom made to shape using a vinyl welding manufacture process. But for most uses there is an off the shelf configuration which will suit your purposes. Generally supplied without branding clear ID pockets display the printed details of the form or card within, however it is possible to screen print for additional visibility. To learn more about the range and have a style recommended by a consultant FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999.

    ID Holders are a Must Have Item

    ID holders are extremely convenient pieces to supply to employees, and these may be used around an office setting, during sales trips, or at company conferences. An ID holder gives a recipient a way to hold their ID card in a visible location around the neck, and the branding placed on these items is always kept in a highly visible location.

    Because ID holders go around the neck and down the chest, the branding on these products may be seen at all times while they are being worn, and those in front of or behind a recipient will be able to read the brand logo or company name printed on these items in order to identify a brand.During sales trips or meetings, members of a sales team can wear these ID holders and their ID cards in an effort to not only show pride in their company, but to be easily identified by potential clients as well.

    A neck wallet style ID holder can even hold other items in addition to an ID, and recipients may use these pieces to keep their business cards or client information close at hand while at a conference or important meeting. Those working in corporate offices, or those who are part of sales teams, can particularly appreciate using ID holders in marketing, as these items allow them a way to keep their ID visible in a convenient fashion at all times.

    Manufacture & Branding

    ID holders can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and these items may be made from woven nylon, faux leather, cotton, or similar fabric materials. The visible windows on these items used to hold the ID cards in place will often be manufactured using a clear and soft plastic material to allow the ID cards to remain seen at all times.

    Branding may be placed along the neck cord of an ID holder if the cord is of a wide enough material, or placed on the face of the item to allow for maximum exposure. The print areas on these pieces are reserved for a brand’s chosen message or design, and these are always placed on the most visible possible locations in order to allow the branding to stand in the forefront. Either screen or pad printing is used to apply brand images, and both options allow for logos or desired designs to appear in a full range of colours.

    ID Holder Pocket Case Study

    At a corporate conference joining together various companies in the retail industry, one brand decided to give their attending employees a branded ID holder with an extra pocket area to store the business cards of potential clients or partners. Attendees enjoyed having the ID holders on hand to allow them to easily display their identification cards, and they were able to use these products to keep safe all of the information they collected throughout the event.

    Shipping, Storage & Distribution

    ID holders may be shipped or hand distributed affordably and with ease. Even in bulk numbers, these items remain lightweight enough to be carried in a tote bag, on the arm, or packaged in a small shipping box.

    ID Holders
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