Inflatable Promotional Products Custom Printed

If you're looking for promotional bang for your buck custom inflatable products are a great way to create a stand out piece of point of sale, or an exciting novelty gift. As retail signage a full colour printed, three dimensional representation of your favourite product is guaranteed to attract and hold attention. Equally if you're looking for a cost effective way to give something really BIG to your client base what could be better than a custom make, inflatable promotional product which is largely filled with air. Take your cue from the carnival folk and consider the use of your own custom inflatable as a way to attract and reward customers with maximum impact. In addition to the custom manufacturing service a range of off-the-shelf animals and classically themed mascots are also available with logo overprint. Everybody has an emotional attachment to the iconic animals in the range. Choose the right one and you can trade off this emotional capital to enhance consumer perception of your company and it's offerings

    Minimal Price: $0.40