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Custom insulated bottles are one of the most popular products in recent years. Everyone loves the way they keep hot and cold drinks at the optimal temperature for hours. The range of custom branded vacuum bottles includes many styles, but the fact they are made from food grade stainless steel and are completely BPA free broadens their appeal even further. As a gift to staff or as a way to reward clients and business contacts insulated bottles are a product everyone appreciates. If you're looking for a long lasting, practical product which has a real "wow" factor, there's something in bottle range shown on this page which will increase your brand exposure in a positive way. Because insulated bottles work with both hot and cold drinks they will give your brand all-year-round exposure. Ranging in size from one cup models around 500ml in capacity through to larger models which can provide for a whole day of hydration there's something for every promotional application. Add long-lasting custom laser engraving to your insulated bottles and you have a product people will keep for years to come and use daily. In the world of promotional bottles, you won't find a better all-round option to promote your brand!

    Insulated Promotional Bottles - The Eco Friendly Alternative

    These days many companies are looking for promotional merchandise options which not only provide a valuable service to the people who receive them but also say something about the objectives and the attitudes of the company whose brand they cary. This is why insulated drink bottles have become so popular so quickly. Not only do they look great and permanently carry a company logo, insulated bottles provide comfort and enjoyment to the recipient while discouraging the purchase of bottled water and making sure your favourite hot beverage such as tea or coffee stays at the right temperature for longer thereby reducing waste.

    The other advantage which insulated promotional bottles offer is that they are a relatively healthy alternative. Many people are skeptical about drinking out of plastic bottles as many have BPA in the plastic material used in manufacture. This is not the case with the insulated bottle range on offer here. The majority are made of food grade stainless steel which is not only long lasting but is considered to be the gold standard when it comes to hygienic and healthy food and beverage storage.

    How Do Insulated Bottles Work?

    In the manufacturing process a vacuum is created between the inner and outer walls of all insulated metal bottles. The same way that this principle works in a thermos flask it works for the insulated bottle range. The lack of gas or any other matter in the vacuum means that energy in the form of heat cannot induce across the space, therefore it cannot dissipate and remains inside the bottle, keeping the contents at the right temperature. The insulation is not perfect as some heat or cold is lost through radiation and by means of induction through the stainless steel walls, however the overall insulating effect is extraordinarily powerful and effective. To further improve the level of insulation some bottles have a copper plated inner wall. This combination of two metals, stainless steel and copper, reduces the effectiveness of normal induction between the metal surfaces, again leading to a higher average beverage temperature than in those bottles manufactured without this feature

    Who is a Prospect for Vacuum Walled Water Bottles?

    Everyone needs a drink, most people enjoy hot beverages at some time each day so an insulated water bottle or drink bottle which keeps their favourite beverage at the right temperature for longer is a popular idea with a broad cross-section of the business community. As a way to encourage your staff and business contacts to exercise or be more thoughtful in their consumption of disposable beverage packaging there are few better ideas which are better received than vacuum insulated promotional bottles.

    Branding Options for Insulated Bottles

    There are two basic ways in which these new style bottles are branded. First and foremost is laser engraving. The advantages of engraving are that the brand which is marled on the bottle is long-lasting. Unless you attack the logo with an angle grinder or file it’s going to be there for the life of the product. The downside of lasers engraving is that the image area available is relatively small as the curve of the bottle leads to distortion of the logo. For some applications this subtle application of branding is a better option than large-scale printing. The other option is to consider either pad printing of your logo or larger-scale screen printing. The advantage of these options is that they are generally a little cheaper than engraving and that in the case of screen printing insulated bottles the image can be reproduced much larger so it standout more clearly. The downside, particularly on a metal bottle, is that the branding can be chipped or scratched over time.

    Insulated Bottles
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