Promotional iPad Cases & Custom Tablet Computer Covers


Mobile computing and communications equipment requires promotional iPad covers and cases as over the last decade more and more people have armed themselves with these new styles of mobile computer technology. Bringing the internet to anywhere you may be sitting at the simple touch of a button the ease and convenience is somewhat offset by the possibility of damage to the medium which permits internet connection.. This is why the latest series of promotional iPad cases and covers is a great marketing investment. The Ipad and similar tablet technologies are expensive and fragile as anyone who has had the misfortune to drop one of these prized possessions on the street will attest.

    Using iPad & Tablet Cases & Covers in Marketing & Promotions

    Manufactured from a materials as diverse as neoprene and silicone rubber the range of iPad covers feature simple and stylish designs combined with large prominent branding areas which highlight the advantages of your tablet computer rather than hiding them. Allow your message to appear alongside that of some of the most respected and envied electronics companies on Earth and take advantage of our Free Design Service expertise to produce a custom iPad cover which protects and enhances. FREECALL now on 1800 129 999 to speak with a branded tablet cover consultant.

    Why Use iPad Cases In Marketing?

    iPads are some of the most popular tablets available on the market today, making iPad cases highly sought after items. When using a branded product for marketing purposes, it is important that the product will be used regularly by recipients, which is precisely what a well-made iPad case is able to provide. iPad cases are used to protect the tablets during both travel and personal use, and their highly visible location on the devices make them ideal marketing pieces for allowing a brand to be noticed.

    Whether a person uses their tablet for personal entertainment, completing professional tasks, or simply something to pass the time during travel, an iPad case remains visible to all who are around the individual using the device. iPads are made for portability and convenience, and their likelihood for travel can expose the branding located on the case to any number of different audiences. Many different industries can appreciate the use of a branded iPad case when it comes to marketing, as a variety of different people find convenience and enjoyment from using iPads during their daily lives. Travel and hospitality companies can particularly benefit from branded iPad cases, for instance, due to how frequently users travel with devices whether for business or pleasure.

    Custom iPad Cases Manufacture & Branding

    An iPad case or cover can come in many different materials, and these can range from soft silicones to sophisticated exotic leathers. Each type of material provides protection for the devices, but a budget may determine just what material is best suited for a brand’s personal needs. A more budget-friendly option is often silicone or plastic based materials, and these cases attach to the back of the device to provide protection should it be dropped or mishandled. For a cover, rather than a case, microfibre or woven nylon also provide suitable options which keep both the screen and back of the tablets protected.

    If a brand is looking for a corporate gift, leather, leatherette, and other faux-leather materials allow for a suitable construction with a professional aesthetic. Branding methods will vary depending on the style and make of the case chosen, however branding is always placed in a highly visible location to give the brand the best possible chance of being noticed. Screen printing, full colour digital printing, and embroidery are typically the most commonly chosen branding methods for these products.

    iPad Cover Promotional Case Study

    In an effort to congratulate a sales team for a particularly profitable year, a technology company gave each member of the team a branded faux-leather iPad case for both personal and professional use. Not only did the sales team highly appreciate the gift, but they also felt the cases helped them to feel more like a team during their many sales related business trips. After receiving the cases, the team reported that their sales rose even higher as their feeling of “team spirit” improved.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Many iPad cases are not large items, and their low weight allows them to ship easily and affordably across Australia. These can also be gifts given out at conferences or retail locations as they are not difficult to hand distribute.

    iPad Cases
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