Promotional Mobile Phone Covers & Cases Custom Printed

These days everyone needs a promotional iphone cover as the most popular models - those produced by Apple - are also the most expensive and costly to repair. The financial cost and technical issues involved in damaging an Iphone suggest that a flexible protective cover is a great investment as well as a unique branding opportunity. Our extensive range of promotional Iphone covers and cases is available in a range of print styles from one colour to full colour digital. Our USA direct range of custom Iphone covers and cases is also available with full colour digital printing right o the edge of each unit.

    Using iPhone Covers & Cases in Marketing & Promotions

    Promotional iPhone covers with your logo make highly cost effective promotional products solutions with a high uptake and recall factor. Assist your clients in saving themselves from the dreaded phone drop syndrome by calling FREECALL 1800 129 999 right now to speak with a printed iPhone case consultant!

    How iPhone Covers Can Build Your Brand

    For both personal and professional purposes, people take their iPhones everywhere. Many individuals are so attached to their personal devices that they cannot bear to be without them for more than a few minutes, and this makes covers for these phones an excellent place for branding. When a company places their logo or brand message on an iPhone case or cover, they can be sure that their brand will travel with their recipient daily, whether it is simply around town or to distant locations all across the globe. As the phone travels with the recipient, it is the branded case or cover that will be seen by those they may surround themselves with, getting a brand message out to the public while simultaneously serving their functional purpose.

    A case or cover is also a necessary item for iPhone users, as these are often required by users to ensure their phone goes undamaged no matter where they may decide to take it. By giving a branded iPhone case for marketing purposes, a brand can give a product that recipients will not only use, but truly appreciate each time they reach to use their personal device. From brands in the fashion industry, to those in the cell phone business, these are promotional product options suitable for marketing a wide range of companies. Not only do they provide function in helping to protect the device, but they can also give a bit of individual and noticeable flare to an otherwise ordinary phone, providing an effortless way to catch the eye.

    Manufacture & Branding

    iPhone cases and covers can be made from a plethora of different materials depending on a brand’s desired look and marketing budget. For cases, a plastic material is typically used in the manufacture of rigid or hard cases, while a soft silicone based gel type material is used for soft cases. Both hard and soft case options provide protection to a phone from bumping, dropping, or mishandling.

    iPhone covers are also available, and these can be made from leather-like materials or other soft materials such as woven nylon. The difference between a cover and a case is that a case is meant to protect the phone from the back, while a cover provides protection mainly to the front and screen. Branding methods will differ depending on the choice of a cover or case, as well as the types of materials used. For soft cases, a pad printing process is often used to place branding on a central location on the case, while digital printing is more frequently used in hard cases. For covers, pad printing is most common.

    iPhone Covers Promotional Case Study

    A popular women’s fashion brand decided to include a matching branded iPhone case with the purchase of a dress from one of their new lines. Different cases were branded to match each of the dresses in the line, and the matching case would be given when the piece was purchased at a retail location. The matching iPhone cases quickly became as popular as the dresses, and the brand decided to offer the cases on their website for sale after the conclusion of the promotion.

    Shipping & Distribution

    iPhone cases and covers are small and easy to pack, no matter the materials used in their construction. Both shipping and hand distribution have been found to be equally effective and convenient.

    iPhone Covers
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