Promotional Jackets Embroidered & Custom Personalised


Remember the last time you watched a major sports event when the weather was on the colder end of the scale? It's most likely that the high flyers and those on the sidelines directing events were wearing embroidered jackets or a promotional jacket featuring the colours and branding of their club and the list of sponsors. There's no reason that your company or organisation should not enjoy the same advantages which naturally flow from the use of a large and useful promotional garment like jackets.

    Using Jackets in Marketing & Promotions

    Not only will the right custom jacket made of the right material keep you warm and insulated from the worst of the weather, but it will loudly broadcast to all around, your logo and message, just like when you see them wearing them at the footy. As an item of staff uniform the promotional jacket is hard to beat and the range of different styles and materials you'll find here is certain to provide final embroidered jackets for your company which will keep the troops warm and well branded. For more information on our extensive range of jacket styles with custom embroidery FREECALL 1800 129 999 to speak with one of our consultants.

    Custom Embroidered Jackets Make Great Promotional Gifts

    Looking for some casual clothing to use in your next promotion? Then don't go past the great range of embroidered company jackets. When it comes to promotional marketing a well designed jacket with a well designed logo or brand embroidered on it is a promotional sign post pointing its way directly to your company. Why would you use any other kind of promotional tool?

    Our embroidered promotional jacket styles are second to none in terms of quality, materials and of course cost effectiveness as a promotional tool. So for your next embroidered company jacket order make sure you speak with one of our experts to be sure of getting the best value and branding in the market. When it comes to positioning yourself so that you achieve great brand recognition there a well designed jacket combines utility, brand visibility and practical value. Your logo will be prominently displayed on any of the products on offer. If the weather turns bad your popularity goes up as you can save the day and bring comfort where there was suffering.

    Jackets are High Value Giveaways

    Custom embroidered jackets also make great giveaways that will excite your clients while achieving your promotional aims. As a gesture to sponsors of a club or to those leading the charge into business battle a jacket, like a uniform of old, carries the insignia and mementoes of previous forays and displays them for others to regard. A jacket that will last and while lasting keep on promoting your brand will take your message company livery to places it is not likely to otherwise visit.

    Jackets make for terrific company uniforms, helping boost both staff morale and your brand presence in ways boost favourable impressions of your company. Combining brand presence with functional work wear that protects and secures, make sure your promotions manager gets a good look at the jacket range on offer.

    Why Jackets Can Grow Your Brand Awareness

    Jackets offer high visibility, which makes them excellent options in brand marketing. These products may be used as part of a uniform for a staff while in office or at the job site, or for team members who may travel for business in order to keep a more unified company look.

    Materials & Branding

    Promotional jackets may be made from a vast array of different materials, with some popular options being cotton, nylon, poly-cotton, or a wool and polyester mix. For premium orders, cotton is a very popular option as it provides cool comfort to the wearer, and for those with a smaller promotional jacket budget, poly-cotton is typically the most common. Poly-cotton jackets are easy to clean, easy to keep ironed, and they are equally as durable as their more upscale natural cotton counterparts.

    3 different artwork options are available for branding these promotional jackets. For a classic and subtle look, embroidery may be used to personalise each jacket with an individual’s name or a particular brand. Screen printing is excellent for a flashier and more visible branding option, as it allows for a larger print area and more vivid colour usage. A woven patch may also be applied to the jackets to represent a brand image or message.

    How to Use Jackets in Personal Relationship Marketing

    A promotional jacket may be given to staff members as a personal gift from a company or employer, or they may be given to sponsors as a gift for supporting a certain team or event. They could also be used as uniform options for sports teams to look unified during down time, or for conferences to allow a business team to represent their brand. Any type of industry can appreciate the use of a promotional jacket. The most common industries that use these pieces, however, are those in construction or those who run sports teams, as a promotional jacket is an ideal comfortable, yet sharp looking, uniform piece. A custom fabric pattern or colour may be chosen if a brand sees fit, however when the focus is placed primarily on the branding message an off the shelf option is typically chosen.

    Promotional Jackets Case Study

    One local sports team had a promotion to offer very limited edition jackets representing the team to lifetime supporters or sponsors. Each jacket carried the branding of all sponsors affiliated with the team, and these jackets were so sought after that one was even offered as a special prize to the achievement award winner at the end of the season in lieu of the traditional trophy.

    Shipping & Distribution

    It's recommended that promotional jackets should be handed out in person to lucky recipients so that proper sizing can be accounted for.

    Minimal Price: $28.25