Promotional Jelly Beans Custom Branded


Who out there doesn't love jelly beans? For years the President of the USA has sent out personalised jelly beans to his friends and supporters as a Christmas gift. If it's good enough for the Commander In Chief it should be good enough for anyone else in the business of winning friends and influencing people. Promotional jelly beans are a product with broad appeal, a wide range of flavours and colours and as you can see from the extensive range below, they are also available in numerous pack sizes and configurations so there's something available to suit every market segment, budget and marketing objective. From giant paint cans of jelly beans which dramatically get attention through to mini packs which can be sent out with your accounts or invoices, there is something for everyone, just as there is a flavour for everyone in the mix of colours and tastes available with every scoop

    Using Jelly Beans in Marketing & Promotions

    Branding a sharable item, such as jelly beans, is one way to actively ensure that a promotional product is doing the job it was designed to perform, which is attracting attention to a particular brand. A tin, jar, box, bowl, or bucket of jelly beans makes for a perfectly portable and attractive snack that can entice a wide range of very different individuals, and as each person comes to investigate or sample the jelly bean flavours of their choice, it will be the brand messaging displayed on the beans that they will not be able to help but notice.

    Branded jelly beans can be used by a variety of different brands in a variety of different locations, and from company parties to trade shows or conferences, these are treats that remain attractive and appreciated by many audiences. At a trade show, for instance, a box, tin, or jar of jelly beans can be placed on a trade table to allow consumers to enjoy an easy and affordable refreshment while learning more about a brand and the services or products they offer. As recipients consume the jelly beans, the branding on the package will be noticed and automatically associated with sweetness or pleasure in their mind. Promotional jelly beans can be used appropriately by many different industries, as crowds of all types can enjoy these classic treats. From brands in the business of children’s goods, to those in the restaurant industry, jelly beans can always be appreciated by the individuals a company may want to connect further with.

    Manufacture & Branding

    These promotional jelly beans are made from the highest quality ingredients, and their presentation and packaging will be determined by a brand’s budget and individual marketing preferences. Tins, buckets, jars, individual bags, and boxes are available for holding and distributing jelly beans, and each packaging option may be customised to represent an individual brand. Industry specific options, such as paint tins, are available to market the treats in a way that fits in with the brand they are representing, and these can be used as table display pieces as well as customer or client gifts. For distributing to larger audiences, however, individual bags or smaller general tins may be used to allow recipients to take their sweets with them conveniently. Digital printing, pad printing, and printed stickers or labels can personalise packaging for any type of branded jelly bean, and the method used will depend on the package variety chosen.

    Promotional Jelly Bean Case Study

    In order to provide guests with a little something extra, a transportation company decided to offer small individual bags of jelly beans to customers who used their services. The small branded packages were seen in airports, hotels, and tourist destinations all around the area, and the company experienced a flood of new potential customers calling the service stating that they had become aware of the company after seeing others with the jelly beans.

    Shipping, Distribution & Storage

    For smaller promotional jelly bean packs, the products will be able to be shipped across Australia both easily and affordably. For larger tins or packages, hand distribution may prove to be the most practical method.

    Jelly Beans
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