Promotional Key Tags Custom Printed

Key tags are an economical way to produce a gift item of genuine utility which carries strong branding and is likely to be kept close by anyone receiving them. Besides the off-the-shelf range any style of tag you may have seen can be produced using our custom design and manufacture service. From classic metal key tag styles which can be used to manage keys in hotels or gyms through to plastic and PVC moulded key tag ranges there's something for every industry and marketing activity in the extensive list of great value products on offer.

    Using Key Tags in Marketing & Promotions

    To build loyalty or show appreciation, custom made key tags are great tools to have on hand. Complete with your design applied with printing or engraving there is a tag style and branding combination which will best suit your plans. Explore the selection and customisation options to see what these key tags can do for your marketing or branding needs. To learn more about our promotional range and take advantage of our FREE key tag design service call one of our experts right now on 1800 129 999 and get your contact details on one of our hard working range!

    Guide To Using Key Tags In Promotional Marketing

    Key tags are simple, yet effective, keyring marketing items, and these are made to be visible each time a recipient uses their product, or the products are seen while being carried. Because key tags are incredibly affordable promotional gift items, they may be included in a larger promotional product package gift or given as a single stand-alone product without breaking a marketing budget. Key tags have functional use as well as promotional capabilities, as a key tag can help a recipient to keep track of their keys by placing a noticeable tag onto their keyring. When a recipient find their misplaced keys, the branding on the keyring will be what stands out to them, and this can associate a company name with a feeling of relief or security.

    Key tags come in both inexpensive and executive designs, so a brand can use these promotional items to reach audiences of all kinds. If a widespread distribution is the goal, an inexpensive key tag remains useful and aptly branded to reach a large audience without spending too much. Executive key tags will come in sleek and professional looking designs which can be used to make a memorable impression on the important individuals that a brand may wish to reach. A promotional key tag may also be branded with a barcode as well as company branding, and this allows them to be used as membership cards or as rewards cards for a customer perk program.

    Manufacture & Branding Options

    A branded key tag can be made of various materials, and a brand’s particular use and budget will determine what style or design is best for their use. Most key tags are made from various plastics and metals, and these options provide both affordable and executive level selections.

    A key tag can be manufactured to suit specific style or design needs, and many shapes or logos can be recreated in a key tag form. Key tags shaped to suit a specific industry, such as those designed to look like houses or golf balls, can be used to remind a recipient just what business a brand is in while creating an appropriate branding backdrop. Branding can be placed on key tags using full colour digital printing, pad printing, screen printing, or laser engraving depending on the use and chosen design for the piece. Laser engraving is often reserved for those of the metal variety as this method etches a brand logo or design directly into the surface of the product.

    Promotional Usage Case Study

    A shoe store created branded key tags with barcodes located on the back of each piece to keep track of customer purchases as part of their rewards program. Customers of the store signed up for the rewards program in mass numbers, and the branded rewards key tags could be seen representing the brand on keyrings all throughout the area.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Key tags are exceptionally lightweight, and their small size gives them the ability to be packaged easily. Both distribution by shipping and distribution by hand have been found to be effective.

    Key Tags
    Minimal Price: $2.00