Promotional Keyring Bottle Openers Custom Printed


Two of the most popular styles of promotional merchandise are keyrings and bottle openers. It makes perfect sense then that eventually somebody would literally put two and two together and invent promotional keyring bottle openers. As a product which gives the certainty of keeping your keys together and satisfying the simple urge for refreshment there are few better. The fact that bottle opener keyrings allow you to always have this vital liquid refreshment tool available at arm's length while also carrying quality branding of your product or message is reason enough to add them to the list of viable branded products which represent value for money in marketing.

    Using Bottle Opener Keyrirings in Marketing & Promotions

    For a stand-alone gift, or as a small part of a promotional gift package, providing a product combining the utility of promotional keyrings with the practical advantages of a bottle opener can help to spread awareness for a brand in a highly convenient way. Bottle openers are items that can be necessary to open certain alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, and having them on hand on a keyring can keep them where they are needed whenever they are needed. These bottle openers can be used to open any type of capped bottle, and they do their job in an easy and safe fashion.

    Because these bottle openers are held on a keyring, they can also be taken along wherever a recipient goes, and this places the branding in many excellent locations in terms of marketing. The space reserved for a brand’s logo or company name is located on the visible handle of the product, and as a bottle opener travels, it is this branding that others will make a mental note of. While one audience may be reached during the distribution of the bottle openers, a limitless amount of additional audiences will be exposed to the items as they are taken along or used by their recipients. Branded bottle openers can be used appropriately by any brand in the hospitality or beverage industry, as they will be able to reach audiences most likely to use the goods or services they offer.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Aluminium and steel are the two most common materials used in creating branded bottle openers, however other parts of the product may be made from different materials. A bottle opener keyring may have the bottle opening mechanism encased in plastic, or attached to the ring with a nylon strap to provide some interesting texture and material combinations. Pad printing and laser engraving are two methods used to place branding on keyring bottle openers, and both forms of printing allow a brand to stand out on each piece. Laser engraving places the brand’s image or logo into the metal surface of the product, while pad printing prints a design onto the bottle opener’s surface.

    Depending on the shape of the bottle opener, branding may be placed in different locations. On long handled bottle openers, the handle will typically serve as a print area, but on a bottle opener with a wide face, the broad side of the item may create a more visible space. With each uniquely shaped item, however, branding is always placed in the most optimally visible location.

    Case Study of Keyring Opener Promotional Activity

    A small local brewery making their first appearance at a brewing convention created small gift bags for attendees who visited their booth. Inside of these gift bags were information about the brand, a catalogue of their products, and a branded keyring bottle opener which could be used to open any of their numerous brew bottles. Recipients could be seen carrying the bottle openers for the entire duration of the event, and many visitors came to the booth asking specifically about the products.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Promotional bottle opener keyrings are small products, and they may be packaged and shipped affordably to recipients. Also because of their size, they can be carried easily in a backpack or bag for simple hand distribution.

    Bottle Openers
    Minimal Price: $1.70