Keyring USB Flash Drives Custom Logo Branded


A USB flash drive keyring is a promo idea which gives you the best of both worlds. Old school convenience of a keyring with the new age promise of unlimited memory capacity in a compact and easy to access format. Great to take on the go when you're looking for something a little more portable any one who has lost a thumb drive at some point or just left it in the wrong pocket will understand why promotional keyring flash drives make sure you always know where your data is and that it's safely stored.

    Using Keyring USB Flash Drives in Marketing & Promotions

    As an option for marketing a memory stick keyring with custom branding can be an internal or external device for emphasising company values. As a gift to contacts which is preloaded with data or as a convenient personal data storage solution for your staff, the same custom keyring flash drive style can cover both avenues of value enhancement. In marketing it's all about getting more from your investment. Free Set-up fees and Design Service makes sure your order looks as good as it stores your data.

    Keyring USB Flash Drives Keep Your Branding Handy

    USB flash drives are small and portable, which makes them ideal tools in marketing a brand. However, because these are small and made for travel, they can also be easy to lose. When distributing a branding item, a company will not want recipients to lose these products, and keyring USBs solve this problem in a very convenient way. A keyring USB flash drive can be kept safely attached to a keyring at all times, keeping the product close at hand and in a position where it will be seen. As a person reaches for their keys, or travels with their keyring, the flash drive will be in a prime location for both visibility and safe convenience.

    Keyring USB flash drives can come pre-loaded with important information, or blank to allow recipients to use the devices as they see fit, and many different industries can appreciate the use of these handy gadgets. The industry that can best benefit from the use of branded keyring USBs are those in the tech industry, as their audiences will typically already have a passion for technologically advanced devices which make their professional and personal lives easier. When a person travels with their keyring USB, the device and its branding will be kept in a visible location, giving the brand a way to remain in the forefront of not only the recipient’s mind, but those who may surround them in their work or personal spaces as well.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Plastic, silicone, and steel are the three primary materials used to manufacture keyring USB flash drives, with silicone or plastic being the more affordable options. These materials allow the flash drives to remain functional and safe throughout the course of their lives, while still being affordable enough to be budget-friendly even when distributing to large audiences. A pad printing method will often be used to place colourful brand logos or company names directly onto the surface of these devices, allowing the brand to take centre stage on each item. Stainless steel keyring USB flash drives are sturdy options with the ability to be branded using laser engraving. Laser engraving is a process used which engraves a logo directly into the steel, ensuring the brand logo will not be rubbed or worn off over time. The keyring portions of these devices are made of metal to allow them to remain securely in place on a desired keyring.

    Promotional Case Study

    In order to promote their new digital manuals, a car dealership offered pre-loaded keyring USB flash drives with the purchase of a new vehicle. Customers reported that they really appreciated having this digital manual as well as a physical manual, and they liked how the keyring could serve two useful purposes.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Because these products are no larger than an average keyring, they are able to be packed and shipped both easily and affordably either across Australia or across the globe. For hand distribution, large quantities are able to be carried easily and distributed personally at any type event.

    Keyring USBs
    Minimal Price: $7.00