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There are two great reasons for keeping a store of kids' promo items on hand which appeal to the younger generation. If you're a company which looks to the youth market for sales you won't find a better return on your investment than a correctly targeted childrens' giveaway. Similarly if you're a company looking to generate sales from parents and families you'll find that keeping the kids happy with a diversionary promotional gift while the grown-ups talk business is an important aid to closing sales and maintaining customer attention. Because the younger market is media savvy promotional products for children are a proven way to engage them. Growing up in a world of internet access and wireless communication the old favourites of the past don't hold the same appeal as they did with previous generations. The smaller set isn't interested in a branded pen or a keyring that they can't use

    Using Kids' Promotional Products in Marketing & Promotions

    A company which reaches out with custom merchandise for children plans for the future. Even if it's only to keep them occupied in the short term your offer will have a positive effect into the future at least. Always keep a stock of branded children's product options on hand to help you win the hearts and minds of the often overlooked junior audience.

    Why a Stock of Kids' Promotional Products Pleases all Ages

    If you're hosting a special event like a sales conference or a show which includes a range of demographics you're bound to see at least a few kids accompany their parents or older relatives. And if these adults are the target market you're trying to sell to here are the reasons you should consider handing something out to the youngsters even though they may not be the ones carrying the credit cards or cheque books. At events like these branded giveaways are often used to bring new customers to your stand out of curiosity when they see what other attendees have scored. When kids see somebody else playing with a branded item you supplied you can be sure they will be pushing their parent or guardian into making a visit to your stand.

    Keep the Kids Busy While the Grownups Talk Business

    At family friendly events where parents may be craving a few moments of quiet, you can make a great impact with mom and dad as well as the kids with custom kids' stuff that helps to keep children busy for a bit. Consider setting up a craft table and having kids decorate print outs for a chance to win a prize. Each participant can be given a set of crayons or coloured pencils for their masterpiece. Whether you keep your art tools on the table or hand out these sets as promotional giveaways, your company's branding on the side is a nice touch.

    Though fun and games are a high priority when you're considering printed kids' giveaways, you can give your items an educational twist to win more favour with their parents. Promotional magnifying glasses encourage children to see the world around them in a whole new way. Other promo items like LED writing boards are a fascinating and novel way for children to practice their letters or numbers. Custom money boxes are the perfect way to encourage children to learn about financial management and responsible saving. If you're promoting a bank or other financial institution, there's no better way to make loyal customers for life than to give the kids a branded gift which captures their imagination.

    Choose Products which Appeal to Kids and Grown Ups

    When you're promoting your company through personalised kids' products, your goal is to reach the parents as well as the children. Adults in the family generally make the final purchasing decisions no matter how much the kids may beg. Bright printed T shirts for instance are products which parents appreciate. Children outgrow their own wardrobes so fast that nearly any custom garment for children will make it into rotation. Kids' clothes are often passed on as hand me downs meaning that your thoughtful giveaway could stay in the family for a long time.

    Make Sure it's Fun for Everyone!

    After choosing your list of items, the next step is branding it. While you might use a traditional business logo for other products, there's a lot of value in revamping your design for children's products. A fun mascot or colourful logo is often easier for children to connect with. If you just print your company name on the item, but market it to children who can't read yet, you're going to miss the chance to make a connection. Consider choosing a fun promotional image that's easy to connect to your company, but still fun for children. We have lots of branding ideas available with our line of printed kids' gifts and giveaways. Give our sales team a call to learn more.

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