Promotional Kitchenware & Kitchen Utensils Custom Printed

We print your logo on hundreds of quality promotional kitchenware items

With the popularity of cooking shows and heightened interest in food preparation it makes sense to take advantage of the public interest in promotional kitchenware. From mixing bowls to wooden spoons, cookie cutters to kitchen scales, we have a full selection of neat kitchen gadgets and essential tools you can customise with your logo and company information, no matter what you are marketing. Your company doesn't have to be in the food services or food provision business to take advantage of custom kitchen products. Every office has a kitchen, every client has a home, and a quality kitchenware item will always find a prominent place where your logo will be on permanent display.

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    Using Kitchenware & Kitchen Utensils in Marketing & Promotions

    Kitchenware comes in all shapes, sizes, materials, and types, and the kitchen is where many individuals will entertain their guests and feed their families. Branded kitchenware makes a useful promotional item that can market a brand each time a recipient enters their kitchen to prepare dishes for themselves, their family, or guests. Branded kitchenware comes in a variety of different materials and price points, so a brand has the choice to market themselves using whichever items they deem most appropriate.

    Those in the food industry or housewares can often best appreciate the use of branded kitchenware in marketing, as they can help to remind recipients just what industry they are in each time they use or notice their branded items. Restaurants can also benefit from the use of branded kitchenware in their establishments as these are tools that can help to show pride in a brand and create a more professional looking atmosphere. Kitchenware, no matter the type, is highly usable, and each time a branded product is used an opportunity to place the brand into the mind of the consumer arises. When marketing using promotional products or gifts, the items should remain usable to ensure that recipients are able to appreciate the items and the brand messages they carry as often as possible.

    Manufacture & Branding

    Spatulas, strainers, coffee presses, and oven mitts are just some of the different kitchenware items available for branding, and any brand can find an item in this category to suit both their budget and their individual marketing needs.

    For kitchen utensils, such as slotted spoons, forks, or spatulas, plastic or bamboo are the two most commonly used manufacture materials. For companies trying to relay an environmentally friendly message, sustainable bamboo is an excellent option to provide optimal quality as well as an ecologically conscious message. Pad printing is used to place branding on these items, and the print area is often located on the front side of the handle on each piece. Kitchenware sets are available to provide appropriate executive gift options, and these can come with a multitude of different kitchen tools. Knife sets, cheese board sets, and juicer sets provide entire branded gift packages, and these can be made from many different materials like eco-friendly bamboo or stainless steel. Laser engraving, pad printing, or embroidery can place branding onto the cases or individual items included with these sets, and the reserved print areas are always kept in an optimally visible location.

    Promotional Case Study

    A home goods magazine offering a gift promotion provided customers with a branded kitchenware set with their purchase of a new 2 year subscription. During the course of the promotion, the magazine reported some of their highest subscription sales ever, and decided to extend the promotion for the entire rest of the season.

    Shipping & Distribution

    If the kitchenware items chosen are small and lighter in weight, they may be shipped easily across Australia or the world. For larger branded kitchenware products or sets, hand distribution is often the most affordable method.

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