Promotional Kites Custom Printed

Get out and start running. Fly the flag with the help of our great range of promotional kites, all custom printed or manufactured to carry your company message and logo. Kites are so much fun and a great way to get the kids away from their screens, if only so they can video the action and post it to youtube. Great value with large branding areas the range of custom made kites and flyers has something for everyone who wants to test the wind and send their company logo to greater heights. Whether you want a simple, cheap promotional kite with a screen printed logo or alternatively, a custom made kite which is manufactured from scratch to represent your company logo or one of your products, you will find it here.

    Using Kites in Marketing & Promotions

    To find out more details about the branding options, the styles of custom kites available and lead times for production and delivery give one of our high flying consultants a FreeCall on 1800 129 999 to get the full rundown.

    Use Kites & Watch Your Brand Take Off

    Kites can be used in a variety of locations, and on a breezy day children and adults alike can enjoy spending time flying a kite in their backyards, on a beach, or in a local park. When a kite is branded, these products can act as soaring advertisement pieces for any company, placing the visible branding up high for all in an area to see. A kite is an item often used in a public setting, and this allows these products to perform some very effective marketing. Even when the kite is not being actively flown, as a recipient travels with their kite, the branding placed on the item will remain optimally visible to all who may surround them, and this gets a brand logo, image, or name into the minds of various different audiences.

    Those in the education, children’s toys, sporting goods, or hobby industries can appreciate using kites as marketing tools, just as recipients can appreciate having the items as an entertaining activity piece. Because kites are also relatively inexpensive items, the exposure they are able to attract for a brand often winds up paying for the products in advertising, making these highly valuable pieces when it comes to affordable marketing.

    Manufacture & Branding

    Either silk or parafoil is used to manufacture branded kites, and both options allow the products to remain reliable and easy to fly. These lightweight materials are able to pick up and harness wind easily to allow even the most inexperienced kite fliers a successful venture into the hobby.

    For simple kite flying, silk is the most commonly chosen option. A silk kite is able to glide on the wind and provide hours of entertainment to recipients of all ages, and even a light breeze is often enough to allow these products into flight. A parafoil kite is a better choice for more experienced kite fliers, although those with little experience can enjoy their use as well. Parafoil kites are often used for performing kite tricks and stunts, and branding these items is a smart choice when a company wants to catch the eye. A kite’s specific design may vary, and some kite designs are better suited for leisurely flying while others cater to more acrobatic kite manoeuvres. Full colour digital printing and screen printing are two of the most common print methods, and the branding area on a kite is typically located on the underside to allow a logo to be seen easily while the product is in flight.

    Promotional Kites Case Study

    A beach shop offered branded kites as a gift with purchases over a certain amount as part of their summer opening promotion. These kites could soon be seen being flown all across the expanse of the beach area, and this began bringing more customers into the store inquiring about how they can receive their own branded kite. As the kites continued to advertise, the promotion proved to be so popular that the shop decided to extend it into the entire first month of the season.

    Promotional Kite Shipping & Distribution

    Although exceptionally lightweight, kites can be large or difficult to pack items, and hand distribution is often recommended to ensure products reach recipients without being broken or damaged.

    Minimal Price: $6.00