Lapel Pins Custom Made To Your Design


In business lapel pins are great value branding tools or gifts which can plug the gaps in your marketing activity. Or custom pins can carry the day at work as either a "thank you" gift or incentive to purchase. To wear a lapel pin is to announce your membership of a club or commitment to a charity or association. Next time you see a politician explaining himself on TV have a quick look at his lapel. Most likely there will be a flag pin or service organisation pin subtly displaying it's message in classic guerilla marketing style. A lapel pin is a cheap promo gift but at the same time they have a high apparent value and are certain to hang around for years as they don't degrade and people rarely dispose of them. And having pins manufactured is not difficult, all you have to do is call us on 1800 129 999 and our FREE DESIGN SERVICE takes your logo and turns it into a pin design which will represent your company or community organisation for years to come

    Using Lapel Pins in Marketing & Promotions

    There are hundreds of ways custom lapel pins can be manufactured and a wide range of materials from which they can be made. From years of service pins which reward loyal staff, to membership pins for community organisations and sports clubs there is no way yet discovered which is cheaper or more stylish than ordering these symbols of allegiance and authority direct from a lapel pins manufacturer.

    Free lapel pin design service for the whole range! No matter the style or the size of your order take the dramas out of the pin design process. Just send us your logo and a brief outline of how you think the final lapel pin design should appear then leave it to the experts with a combined hundred years of badge and stick pin design. The final product will last a life-time and can be used as rewards, gifts or as club pins for membership recognition. You choose the style and material and leave the rest of your custom pin order to our expert team.

    Commonly Asked Lapel Pin Questions

    Most clubs and organisations offer their members a small enamel and metal badge to wear on their lapels. While the price of these items is generally less than a couple of dollars the value top the individual is far greater as a lapel pin is a visible symbol,of membership, exclusivity and societal rank. Next time you watch TV and have the misfortune not to switch channels moments before one of the political class starts listing their points of genius look to the left lapel of their suit and the likelihood is you'll notice a subtle but still highly visible lapel badge worn to promote a specific day of celebration for a major community organisation. Small, unobtrusive, subtle yet highly visible and deeply meaningful for those in the know. This apparent promotional paradox is part of the driving power behind promotional lapel pins ongoing popularity.

    What are lapel pins made from?

    Broadly lapel pins fall into the category of jewellery and the majority of styles have long working lives. Constructed generally of metal cast in a mould here are the general classes as defined by lapel pin manufacturers.

    Die Cast: Where the a metal substrate generally zinc-alloy, brass or copper is smelted and poured into a shaped mould. Coloured enamel, a printed overlay or a baked mineral finish is added in a second stage of manufacture.

    Die Struck: Where a soft metallic base (generally copper) is produced by applying pressure by way of a forming press. This is how most lapel pins are made.

    Digitally Printed: Where a colour printed label is applied to an existing lapel pin "blank". These blanks are generally cast metal or injection moulded plastic.

    What branding advantages do lapel pins offer?

    If it were possible to put together an equation to calculate marketing value it would look something like: Value = $/Life. On this basis lapel pins are the most cost effective promotional item imaginable. Not only are they cheap to buy in the first place - generally under a couple of dollars, but a well made lapel pin can last a life time. On this basis the cost per use or observation is in the small fractions of a cent. Combined with their physical appeal and the inherent emotional content of the message they promote the real value of lapel pins is far greater than any back of a matchbox calculation can quantify.

    How much do lapel pins cost?

    While lapel pins can be sourced at a wide range of prices depending on the complexity of the design and the material from which they are manufactured the most important indicator of unit price is the quantity being ordered. The upfront costs of mould making and setting up machinery for production must be amortised over the complete value of the order meaning larger quantities are delivered at far lower unit prices than small orders.

    Which industries can benefit from using lapel pins?

    Industries which traditionally utilise lapel pins include service organisations and community groups, education, military and security personnel. There is in fact no limit to the use of lapel pins. They needn't only be applied to a lapel and can be used as a personal award or recognition of a milestone in construction, mining or any other industry where wearing a suit is unusual.

    Custom lapel pins manufacture

    Each pin carries a special message which is meaningful to membership so every lapel pin is made to order. There are hundreds of different styles and the best way to proceed is to ask the advice of our expert design team who will design your lapel pin for free.

    Three ways to use promotional lapel pins in marketing

    Community Groups: A budget way to reward donors while also offering a visible badge of membership and support.

    Conferences: For those who have come from near and far to meet others of like minded disposition a memento of the event like a custom made lapel pin is a great way for every person to feel a connection and be reminded of their attendance into the future.

    Completion Gift: After working towards a major project which is eventually completed a simple gift like a lapel badge handed out to every person involved in the process is a great way to reward the team and create a lasting memory of its achievements.

    A lapel pin case study

    A small local charity began awarding a lapel pin weekly to "local citizen of the week" who had performed a kind act towards a fellow community member. Though the pins cost only a dollar each the effect of rewarding and recognising the performance of local citizens snowballed until everyone was aware of the program and the level of cooperation and kindness in the streets was recognised to rise by all.

    How much does it cost to freight lapel pins around Australia?

    Next to nothing. 500 Lapel pins can be put in an air bag and shipped to any capital city overnight for around $15. Freight and shipment are not issues with this product class and storage is also

    Lapel Pins
    Minimal Price: $4.20