Promotional Lip Balm Custom Logo Branded


Promotional lip balm is a proven winner in the promotional marketing department. There's a lip balm product ideal for your company which can be customised to not only provide relief for chaffed lips but show your logo to the world in full colour. The right use of the custom branded lip balm range targeted correctly can create a connection with clients which goes beyond the usual exchange of goods and services. One of the many products available with a range of pack styles and flavours, promotional lip balm is a custom idea which makes sense to the citizens of this harsh, dry land. The value of our custom lip balm range is so superior you can sell them at retail. If you want to get more out of your merchandising and are looking for more than just the cheapest way to brand your business, promotional lip balm is an item which shows concern and aforethought, both of which tell a client or potential business contact that your company looks more deeply into issues than others have in the past.

    Using Lip Balm in Marketing & Promotions

    In the Australian climate outdoor activity is often accompanied by extremes of weather. Hot Summers, cold Winters, floods and droughts are all part of the equation. To successfully market or conduct outdoor events under these circumstances requires consideration of these issues and is a reason many Australian marketing companies have settled on the value of promotional lip balm as an all-round branding opportunity. It's not necessarily the Summer heat and dryness which leads to chaffed lips and dry skin. In Winter the air becomes dryer and stronger which can more easily lead to drying and cracking of the lips even though the process does not seem so apparent. It's difficult for us to negate this fact of life in Australia and it's the reason that many marketers have discovered promotional lip balms are a marketing investment which pays off all year 'round. Lips are particularly subject to chaffing as the skin is thinner than at most points of environmental exposure The first commercially prepared promotional ip balm was sold by Charles Browne Fleet in the 1880's. Little is known of the chemical composition of this product however it appears to have been supplied in a tub rather than a lipstick applicator as is common today.

    Flavours to choose from include: Sour grape, Dreamsicle, Root beer (Sarsaparilla) float, Fresh squeezed lemonade, Marshmallow, Campfire smores (marshmallow), Peppermint ice, Calming lavender, Caffe latte, Asian pear, Iced green tea, Brown sugar, Vanilla, Margarita, Hot apple pie, Pink grapefruit

     Which Industries Appreciate Branded Lip Balm?

    Branded lip balms can be used as promotional products appropriately by a variety of different industries. Those who work with outdoor goods can appreciate how these lip balms protect lips from chapping due to the elements, businesses involved in children's goods will appreciate the number of different fun flavours available to cater to children and adults alike, or those in the retail industry can use these lip balms as inexpensive ways to lure customers into an establishment.

    How To Use Branded Lip Balms In Marketing

    A retail establishment can use branded lip balm as a gift given with purchase, or simply as a way to draw in new customers. Other industries can also use these lip balms as hand-out gifts, whether as a gift at a conference or another company event.

    What is Lip Balm made of?

    Most lip balms are composed primarily of wax, generally beeswax and carnauba wax are the preferred options. The wax acts as a media for the other ingredients which are specifically chosen to counteract the effects of wind drying and chaffing. Other active ingredients which would be found in the majority of styles include camphor, cetyl alcohol, lanolin, paraffin and a range of coloured dyes depending on the flavour and aroma of the individual product. These occlusive materials used are added specifically to prevent further moisture loss and soothe existing points of exposure.

    What marketing advantages does promotional lip balm offer?

    Other than the across-the-board popularity of the product lip balm is popular because of it's cost effectiveness, year round application and the great range of colours and branding options available. A custom lip balm tube printed with a full colour logo is something people will carry with them for a long time and which has the opportunity to expand exposure of the message it caries well beyond the confines of the location in which it was distributed.

    How much does promotional lip balm cost?

    Like everything else it depends on the volumes. In large quantities lip balm generally costs around $1 a tube including the full colour wrap printing on the label. More expensive options are available as one sees in the cosmetic business. Similarly, it does not necessarily follow that the most expensive promotional lip balm provides the greatest relief.

    Custom lip balms manufacture

    One of the great advantages of branding these items is the across-the-board option to go with full colour wrap print. This produces a compact and effective branding device which is not intrusive and shows off a logo or marketing message to best advantage. Packaging and appearance is everything in the world of fashion and personal grooming and the branding available on the range of promotional lip balm is far superior to the general level of logo reproduction seen on pad printed and overprinted promotional merchandise.

    Three ways to build your brand with promotional lip balm

    Outdoor Events: If you're asking people to participate in a community event or fundraiser while the wind is whipping around the simple gesture of lip balm to keep them moisturised will be much appreciated and make sure people keep smiling rather than fear lip crazing if they stretch them too far.
    Conferences: A memento of your event like a custom printed lip balm tube is a great way for every person to feel a connection and be reminded of the event into the future.
    Completion Gift: After working towards a major project which is eventually completed a simple gift like a lapel badge handed out to every person involved in the process is a great way to reward the team and create a lasting memory of its achievements.

    A promotional lip balm case study

    Every New Years Eve in Times Square, NYC Nivea promotes it's lip balm products. While the weather is generally cold and dry New years Eve is traditionally a time when people kiss in the spirit of celebration and in anticipation of a year of love and enlightenment. Nivea's successful distribution of branded lip balm products to the crowds which assemble to see the clock tick over and the ball drop attracts hours of international television coverage every year and has made their lip protection products a by-word for celebration and collective fun.

    How much does it cost to freight lip balm tubes around Australia?

    A fully completed tube of promotional lip balm rarely weighs more than 25 grams which means an overnight bag could hold around two hundred to two hundred and fifty tubes. That's a cost of under ten cents a piece for door to door shipment to any capital city of Australia.

    Branding Methods

    Branding is printed on a full wrap label that is placed on each lip balm tube. The full colour printing of any brand message or logo allows it to be easily seen on each tube when others see recipients using their lip balm.

    Lip Balm
    Minimal Price: $1.75