Promotional Travel Bags & Luggage Custom Printed


For the business traveler promotional luggage is a welcome gift. With a huge range of travel bags to choose from, it's not difficult to find something which will please the executive on the move. From overnight bags to custom suitcases there's a style of promotional luggage here which suits every travel need and marketing budget, from the day tripper to the seasoned international business traveler. While many people would be wary of custom travel bags and would rather choose something made by a recognised brand the range on offer here combines great value with the traditional utility expected from a favourite piece of luggage. With many business people preferring to only take carry-on bags onto aircraft to avoid the cost, hassle and delays of check-in luggage it makes sense to offer your clients the convenience the right promotional luggage provides

    Using Travel Bags & Luggage in Marketing & Promotions

    The right custom branded overnight bags will carry your logo across the country or around the world, not only winning the appreciation of the person lucky enough to own it, but also having your logo noticed by fellow travelers during the journey. There is no need to pay a fortune for the overpriced luxury luggage brands when there are dozens of cheap promotional luggage styles available here which can do the job as well or better without breaking the bank. FreeCall 1800 129 999 to speak with one of our experts about branding options for our luggage range.

    How to Use Promotion Travel Bags in Marketing

    Travel bags create a great deal of value for the money spent on each bag, as these bags are made to be used continually due to their varied uses, high visibility and durability. These are high functioning items with a lot of versatility, and because a logo or brand image can be placed on the bag, it's the businessman's opportunity to market to a widely spanned geographical distance and sway or pull in sales. The recipient of this bag will find them suitable for multiple uses and a desired brand can be taken to the streets with each bag as they are carried along. The travel experience can sometimes be a stressful one, but a high quality travel bag can help to carry all necessary goods easily during the course of a trip.

    Manufacture & Branding

    Promotional travel bags can be made from many different materials to allow many different needs to be met. Some of these materials will include leather, denier nylon, or injection moulded plastics, making these bags easy to clean and reliably sturdy as well.

    For a more subtle method of branding, embroidery, engraving, screen printing, or a decal print may be used to place a brand image on the sides of the travel bag. If a more visible method of branding is desired, large scale screen printing or decal applications are viable options as well, and these are best used when gifting to sports teams or travel groups.

    Travel bags make wonderful personal gifts given by a brand to a desired recipient, but they may be used in other ways as well. Whether a company is associated with travel or not, they may add a promotional travel bag as an included gift to customers with the purchase of a service or product.

    Executives looking for a gift to give to traveling employees greatly appreciate promotional travel bags as they make the lives of their workers easier while on the road. Those in the mining industry with fly in fly out lifestyles also appreciate the convenience of the bags, travel and hospitality/accommodation companies use the bags as promotional gifts that relate directly to their brand, and transport businesses appreciate the use of the bags as they improve the lives of both employees and customers alike. A wide variety of different travel bags come pre-made and ready for branding, and it is recommended that these already existing styles be taken advantage of while artwork is the prime focus.

    Travel Bags Case Study

    A tour operation company, which offers international tours guided by a retired celebrity, offered a branded promotional travel bag which had a large scale screen printing of the tour logo, contact information, and the concept of the trip as a part of their booking package. It was found that new customers began to call and inquire about the trips after having seen the advertising on these travel bags from all over the globe. These new customers were intrigued by the idea of the tours and wanted to book one for the next time they partook in overseas travel.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Typically, a travel bag will have some rigid areas used to protect items during travel, and these items are generally rather bulky. It is recommended that these bags be handed out in person for maximum effectiveness.

    Travel Bags
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