Promotional Luggage Tags Custom Branded


Without promotional luggage tags business and domestic travel would be a lot more confusing. If your company is looking for a way to reach out to its audience and make a favourable impression a luggage tag could be the difference between a client having a great trip and missing the bus completely. Of course, you can also use luggage tags for event marketing even if your business has nothing directly to do with travel. It's all about getting a tag which says something about your organisation and that's fairly simple to do with the selection that we have on hand. With the right luggage tag with the right branding every time one of your clients ventures out with luggage under their arm your brand is along for the ride.

    Using Luggage Tags in Marketing & Promotions

    Next time you're at the airport, look around and see how visible luggage tags actually are. If it's good enough for major airlines and travel agencies, using promotional luggage tags should be a great way to return on your marketing investment. Luggage tags are one of those great promotional purchases which cost a lot less than you'd expect. There's a huge range of materials and styles available and when personalise with your company information the humble tag hanging from a bag gets your business name out in the world. People love free stuff, especially when the gifts have a genuine use? Check out our promo luggage tags or give us a call right now on FreeCall 1800 129 999 to find out more about a unique custom luggage tag design direct from the manufacturer.

    The purpose of luggage tags is to travel, and during travel a wide array of different people may notice or come into contact with another person’s luggage tag, making these product perfect pieces to use in displaying branding. Promotional luggage tags have the ability to market themselves, as users carry them all around the globe, and this gives a brand a way to expose themselves to a truly unlimited audience. People of all walks of life will be able to notice a branded luggage tag as a recipient takes their item on business and personal trips, allowing these to be very effective little pieces when it comes to marketing.

    Luggage tags can be simple and affordable, or sophisticated and suitable for executives, so a company has a great deal of options when it comes to marketing with these products. If a larger recipient market should be reached, and large amounts of tags will be distributed, there are affordable options available to satisfy this need without breaking a marketing budget. As a corporate or client gift, sleeker and more professional high end luggage tags may also be branded in order to make the perfect impression. Travel companies and those in the transportation business can best appreciate branded luggage tags, as they allow recipients to remember just what the brand does best each time they see or use their promotional gift.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding

    Luggage tags can be manufactured using leather, faux leather, plastic, silicone, metal, or vinyl, allowing a brand a great deal of options to choose from in terms of just how they want to be represented on their item and to their recipients. These tags can also be made into a vast variety of different sizes and shapes as well to suit a particular desired style. Plastic, vinyl, silicone, and faux leather are high quality affordable options, and these can come in nearly any shape or colour a brand can imagine. Each style of tag when made from these materials will vary in size, and a brand has the ability to choose just which type of tag will suit their uses best. Either screen printing or pad printing may be used to place a brand’s logo or design directly onto the front of each tag. Genuine leather and metal are two executive options perfect for impressing recipients, and the branding methods for these luggage tags may vary. With metal, a laser engraving process may be used to etch a design into the surface of the tag, while pad printing is reserved for those of the leather variety.

    Promotional Case Study

    An airline ran a promotion that offered complimentary luggage tags to customers who booked round trip flights between two designated dates. The promotion wound up becoming so popular that the airline extended it for an additional month, and the tags could be seen travelling all throughout the airport frequently for the rest of the season.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Luggage tags can be hand distributed personally or shipped to recipients both affordably and with ease.

    Luggage Tags
    Minimal Price: $2.00