Promotional Maglites Custom Logo Printed


Branded Maglites are some of the most popular flashlights that money can buy. The Maglite brand has proven itself as a leader in flashlight technology over several decades and has given people a torch design that they know and trust for use in times of need. There are plenty of cloned products out there which claim to be "just like a Maglite" but they're not. Remember, if you're offering these famous brand torches as a gift to clients the brand itself will add value to your offering. If you want to associate your company with a recognised brand through the promotional gifting process the inherent reliability, strength and longevity of Maglite products are genuine perceptions anyone would wish to leverage.

    Using Mag Lites In Marketing & Promotions

    A promotional Maglite is something people will be able to keep for years. With a life time guarantee against faulty workmanship, long-life bulb and battery life and the added advantage of each set being supplied complete with Duracell batteries, a Maglite, like a dog, is for life. And like your faithful canine companion will always be there in the background waiting for a call to action. The range of branded Maglites available ensures there's a style available to suit all budgets and user purposes. Maglites appeal to anyone in a position to understand quality in flashlight manufacture. To win the attention and appreciation of people who know the difference between a me-too item and the real McCoy, promotional Maglites are a proven option.

    Minimal Price: $25.00