Promotional Magnet Calendars Custom Printed

Combining the strengths of an advertising magnet with the utility of a calendar produces a promotional item which has broad appeal and visibility. Custom printed magnetic calendars will find a permanent place on the fridge filing cabinet or any other prominent metallic surface, if your company is looking to keep the attention of clients for the whole year with only a limited budget, the combination of attributes magnet calendars offer could be a way to stretch your budget and increase brand exposure.

    Using Magnet Calendars in Marketing & Promotions

    Either for a year, six months, or even one month, custom magnet calendars are all produced to order. All you need to do is provide your logo and contact details which can then be applied to an existing calendar template. by then tweaking the colours and size configurations your own handy reckoner is ready to go. To learn more about the range and take advantage of our magnetic calendar design service, FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999 and speak with one of our up to date consultants.

    Guide to Using Magnetic Calendars to Build Your Brand

    Both calendars and magnets are items commonly seen in kitchens and offices alike throughout all of Australia and the world, and when these items are combined, they make very useful products to have around an area. A magnet calendar may be placed on any metal surface for easy keeping, and a recipient can simply look at their refrigerator, cabinet, or other piece of metal furniture to see the day’s date, upcoming dates, or important holidays by quickly glancing at the magnet.

    When branding is placed on a magnet calendar, a company name or logo can be seen easily each time a recipient uses their item, and visitors to an office or home can see the branding placed on these magnets just as well. Because these are display pieces with a purpose, they will be placed in visible locations and used regularly to ensure they are often noticed. Magnet calendars can be used appropriately to market for any type of brand in any type of industry, and those in education to those in healthcare can place their logo onto a magnet calendar in order to create a highly effective promotional gift. Because these are highly affordable items, they may also be used by brands with any sized budget as stand-alone marketing pieces or as part of a larger promotional package.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding options

    Magnet calendars can be manufactured to suit any size need, and these can have from 12 months to 18 months of dates displayed on a single magnet. These products are made using either high gloss paper or plastic materials attached to a magnetic backing strip in order to allow these products to rest safely on a metal appliance or piece of furniture.

    The entire face of the magnet will act as a print area on the piece, and this means that the entire visible front surface will be reserved for branding. By providing this large print space, a brand is able to display the calendar and their logo in a fashion that remains visible and noticeable at all angles. Screen printing is used to place a brand’s image, company name, or contact information onto these products, and this allows a company to create a piece using a full range of colours. The bright colour saturation that screen printing is able to achieve allows these magnets to catch the eye whenever a casual viewer may come into contact with the piece.

    Promotional Use Case Study

    A school gifted magnet calendars to parents who came in for their open house night. On the calendars the school had their logo and name printed along with all of the days the children were to have off during the year, and parents greatly appreciated the convenience that the products provided. Due to the positive feedback, the school decided to have these magnets available to parents every year following.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Magnet calendars may be shipped affordably and conveniently due to their small size, or they may also be easily hand distributed personally or by leaving a supply on a table or desk top for recipients to take freely.

    Magnet Calendars
    Minimal Price: $2.20