Promotional Magnet Notepads Custom Printed

What more needs to be said about magnets and notepads, other than the opportunity to combine them into a single useful marketing tool. Magnetic notepads combine the central utility of a traditional notepad with the enhanced visibility which comes with the use of magnetic substrate to hold it in a position of prominence. Either for use as shopping lists, memo pad or to-do lists one of these attention grabbers is a sure way to get noticed in a sea of competing messages.

    Using Magnet Notepads in Marketing & Promotions

    Your company can utilise magnetic notepads regardless of the industry in which you operate. For retailers address and contact details attached to a shopping list prompts clients to return to make their purchases. For manufacturing or education industries a to-do list permits ordering of the day's activities. With a custom shaped magnet holding each pad in place you have the combined advantages of personal branding and genuine utility. Take advantage of the free magnet design service and FreeCall a Fresh Promotions consultant on 1800 129 999.

    How to Use Promotional Magnet Notepads In Marketing?

    A notepad can be used to jot down grocery lists, errands, contacts, or a plethora of other needed pieces of information, and when these items are attached to a handy magnet, they can be kept in a safe area that makes them both easy to use and easy to find. A magnet notepad will often be hung on a refrigerator, however these items may be used to adorn filing cabinets or other pieces of metal furniture as well as they are able to be attached securely to any metal surface. Because these are hung in a highly visible fashion, that also makes these products ideal marketing tools.

    Any brand can promote themselves effectively using a magnet notepad, and this is due to the wide range of users that may find themselves in need of these types of products. People of all ages and both genders will use notepads regularly in their professional and personal daily lives, allowing these promotional tools to reach any desired individual. A magnet notepad can show many types of branding, and a company may include their contact information as well as logo or name on these pieces for an easy way to reach out to potential clients or customers. Also, because these are inexpensive promotional items, they may be given alone or with other goods as part of a promotional gift package.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding options

    The magnet portion of a magnet notepad can be made of plastic or paper materials attached to either a magnetic strip backing or magnet disks. Due to the weight of some larger notepads, stronger disc magnets may be needed to ensure the product is able to rest on a refrigerator or metal piece of furniture securely. The paper notepad portion can be made to suit all size needs, and some varieties may even be lined for easy list or note taking.

    The magnet and the notepad will often both have print areas to display a brand design, and the print area on the magnet portion will commonly take up the entire surface area of the product. On the notepad, a smaller print area on either the top or bottom portion of the paper will be reserved for branding, so when a list or note is taken along with a recipient, the logo or company name may still be visible. Screen printing is used to place branding within these print areas, and this allows a brand to display an image in a full range of colours.

    Promotional Activity Case Study

    A grocery store gave out magnetic notepads during a grand opening celebration, and customers to the store each received a branded magnetic notepad that they could use to take along their grocery lists. The lists could be seen carried around the grocery store for many months after the grand opening, and customers often asked if the promotion would be run again.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Magnetic notepads can be shipped easily due to their low weight and small size, but for a more personal impact, hand distribution directly to recipients is often recommended.

    Magnet Notepads
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