Magnet Picture Frames Custom Printed

An under utilised promotional idea which combines the stickiness of a traditional fridge magnet with the decorative potential of a picture frame, Magnet photo frames hold your printed images in place and present them to best effect. For your company an investment in promotional magnetic frames could be used to highlight a new product or retail offer. Combining the printed message with an attractive complementary magnet frame focuses the attention inwards and creates a border which encourages the printed word to be taken more seriously.

    Using Magnet Frames in Marketing & Promotions

    There are no limits to the sizes and shapes available. Another distinct advantage is that the central magnetic piece which is cut form the middle of the frame can also be branded and used as a separate promotional tool - so two for the price of one! That's the sort of value the clever marketer chases down to maximise brand exposure on a limited budget. To learn more about the styles available and how best to utilise magnet frames for your promotional activity FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999 and speak with one of our magnetic consultants.

    Guide to Using Magnetic Photo Frames In Promotions

    Magnet frames are excellent inexpensive pieces to use in marketing, as they are made to be displayed in a visible location while also serving a useful purpose. A magnet photo frame can be used on any metal surface in order to hold and display a photo, business card, or other document, and these pieces make adequate stand-alone gifts or ideal additions to promotional gift packages. Brands of any industry can use a magnet frame in marketing, and whether a company is in the business of home goods or entertainment, their logo can appropriately adorn one of these products. Because audiences of all types can use a magnet frame in their home or office, any desired demographic is able to be reached.

    When a recipient places their magnet frame on a refrigerator or other metal surface, they and those who may come into their space will be able to notice the product easily as it rests in its display area. Due to the very visible way these pieces are often displayed, a brand can reach not only their targeted audience, but other individuals as well, as they come into contact with the frame in their home or office space.

    Manufacture & Branding?

    Magnet frames can be manufactured to suit any size or shape need, and rectangular frames, triangle frames, circle frames, and square frames are just some of the most popular shape options for branding. These frames are made using a high gloss paper or plastic surface attached to a magnetic backing strip that holds the product in place when it rests on a metal surface for display.

    The face, or surface area, of the magnet frame also serves as the print area, and the print area on these products is the space reserved for branding. By allowing the entire surface of the magnet frame to be adorned with print, a brand has the ability to have their logo or name seen from all angles by recipients or visitors to recipients during use. Screen printing and full colour digital printing may be used to apply artwork to a magnet frame, and both of these options allow for crisp and clear full coloured imagery. By creating these designs in full colour a brand is able to creatively attract attention to the frames by designing a product with a certain stand-out appeal, and both branding options allow for this ability.

    Magnetic Photo Frame Promotional Case Study

    A pet store hosting a pet picture day weekend gifted branded magnets with the photos that customers purchased of their pets. The photo frames were adorned with either dog bones or fish to suit both cat or dog pictures, and they were sized to fit the photographs perfectly. Customers enjoyed the magnets so much that the store began selling them in their shop long after the picture day promotion had concluded.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Magnet frames can be easily carried in a backpack or tote bag for hand distribution, or they can be placed on a desk or table top to allow recipients to take one as they please. For shipping, these may be shipped affordably, even in bulk numbers, across Australia or the world.

    Magnet Frames
    Minimal Price: $1.75