Promotional Magnets Custom Printed

Magnets are a classic advertising item because they stick around. You might picture a standard square stuck on the fridge door but there are a wide range of creative magnet options available with styles appropriate for any kind of business or message delivery program. Most customers will happily add another branded accessory to their fridge to help keep children's artwork notices and reminders in place. Once your promotional fridge magnet earned that place of pride in the kitchen your business contacts will have a daily reminder of your company's name and services.

    Using Magnets in Marketing & Promotions

    Promotional fridge magnets are available for the side of your car, with to-do or shopping lists attached, or even expertly cut to work as an amusing game of skill and intuition promotional magnets are a must-have item for any marketer wanting to drive his budget return to new levels. To find out more about the range and the custom magnet production service FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999 to speak with a printed fridge magnet consultant.

    Enhance Your Business - Use Promotional Fridge Magnets

    When you're designing custom magnets, keep in mind that there are lots of different directions that you can go with this simple and affordable tool. Consider the needs of your customers and how they relate to your company. For some industries, simple printed magnets with your company name and contact information are sufficient because that's exactly what the customer wants. Food delivery, pet sitting services, doctors' offices, and car repair companies are all contacts that customers want to have on hand right when they're needed. You can ensure that they never need to search for your number when it's there on a magnet.

    If customers aren't as likely to call you for your services, you may need to come up with another reason for them to keep your magnet on the fridge. Calendars are one way to do this. Having a convenient calendar close at hand makes it easy to schedule appointments and special events. Even if you're not directly related to any kind of event planning industry, your calendar is a handy tool for customers to use. The benefit is that your company name and logo are right there at the top of the calendar every time the user glances at it. This acts as a constant reminder of your products and services.

    Companies that operate a retail location can get great returns from a branded magnet with a note pad on it. This is just the tool for jotting down a shopping list. Grocery stores that offer this kind of magnet have the incredible benefit having the name of the store right there next to the list indicating that the fridge is short on milk and eggs. This not-so-subtle message can result in your customers coming straight to you for those items that they need to pick up. This can work for any kind of retail location, whether you sell ham and cheese or specialty yarns.

    For something a little longer lasting than the standard note pad, we have personalised magnets that act as miniature dry erase boards. Complete with a marker, these are ideal for family members who need to jot quick notes to one another. Little messages like "dinner is at 6" or "take out the trash" can be difficult to communicate in a busy household. Your dry erase magnet is a great tool for improving communication and keeping the household running smoothly. This is a versatile promotional magnet that will work well for any business. Your name and logo are always there in the customer's line of vision when he or she is jotting a note.

    Our cheap magnets are a powerful tool for connecting with your customers. Small and lightweight, this is a product that tucks easily into an envelope for delivery by mail. The heft of the envelope will get your customer to open it up and see what you have to say, while the magnet will give them a lasting reminder of your message. Whether you're championing a charity or promoting your special services, branded magnets are a tool that any company can benefit from. Give our sales team a call today to find out more about the sizes, shapes, designs, styles, and colours that are available.

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