Promotional Marquees & Canopies Custom Printed


Offering great protection from the weather, expansive signage opportunities, yet able to folded by a single person into a convenient pack you can carry on your shoulder, for your company custom marquees can have many uses; as a stall for serving food and drinks, as a branded central point as part of a sports sponsorship our outdoor event, or just to protect staff and clients from the worst of the local weather conditions. Farmers markets stall holders rely heavily on promotional marquees to both announce the product they offer and to offer protection. Versatile and robust a marquee is something every company should have in the storeroom to be bought out for an on-premise barbecue or an off-site event.

    Using Marquees in Marketing & Promotions


    Traditional tents made of canvas and held together with guy ropes are a logistical nightmare not just to erect and breakdown, but to store and maintain. Multiple people are required at each point to do this effectively. The folding marquees require no assembly and through an ingenious aluminium tubing structure can provide instant relief from the Aussie climate. To learn more about the custom printing options, the colours and delivery lead times for models on offer FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999.

    Guide to Using Marquees to Build Brand Awareness

    Marquees are used to protect tables, stands, and individuals from sun or rain, and these products are often seen at outdoor conventions or events featuring many different brands. A marquee is a large umbrella which is able to house a significant amount of people, animals, or belongings, and placing branding on these items allows a brand’s logo or message to be seen easily even from vast distances. In instances of an outdoor event, a brand may use a branded marquee to alert guests to their location. Because these items are large, they are also highly visible, and they can be used as effective beacons to call in interested individuals who my want to learn more about a company or purchase goods from a seller, allowing these to act as efficient directional pieces to alert interested people to a particular location.

    Because marquees are so versatile, and they can be used in any type of outdoor event, they can also be appreciated for marketing purposes by brands in any industry. Those in the sporting industry can use these to cover merchandise tables or drink stands, those in the fashion industry may use them to protect goods during a sidewalk sale, or those in the entertainment industry can use them to cover guests coming to see a show, but no matter the use, these products are able to attract attention and provide comfort to all who may stand under them or be within their vicinity.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    A water resistant canvas like fabric is often used to create the canopy area of a marquee, and this allows these products to be durable throughout many years of use. The canopy is held in place by a series of metal beams that spread the fabric out and keep the structure in place, while this portion is attached to 4, or more, metal poles for easy ground placement.

    Screen printing will often be used to brand marquees and this allows a brand to create images in full colour to be shown on the piece. Screen printing applies an image to the fabric of the canopy area in a way that allows the images to remain crisp and colourful for the duration of its life. The panels that make up the canopy, and those that hang down over the edge of the support beams, will often make up the print area on a marquee. This region is chosen for its visibility in all directions or from vast distances, allowing the items to work most efficiently in marketing.

    Promotional Case Study

    During an outdoor music festival, a small jewellery making brand set up a display table from which they sold their handmade pieces. They placed a branded marquee over the area to keep the harsh sun from making customers or employees uncomfortable, and the piece actually brought in more customers due to its long range of visibility.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Marquees are substantially sized items, which means they will often be very expensive to ship. In order to keep costs low, hand delivery and placement is often recommended.