Medical & Health Stress Balls With Custom Logo Branding


With upward of 30% of government budgets being expended on healthcare, there are few parts of the economy untouched by this massive transfer of wealth. Many companies trade with or supply healthcare organisations. Your company does not have to deal directly with a hospital or treat patients to take advantage of the inherent qualities which are packaged in the image of the medical professional. A band-aid stress toy for instance can be applied to any issue which it required problem or solving or 'treatment'. A doctor or nurse stress ball can symbolise the efforts of staff to repair or enhance the vitality of a company division. Because medicine and wellbeing is a critical part of everyone's considerations this range of custom stress balls has many applications beyond the medical industry

    Using Medical & Health Stress Balls in Marketing & Promotions

    For medical sponsorships or remembrance of those struck by disease and disorder using a health industry stress toy focuses the attention of contributors to charities and community group members. Show your company cares and extend the reach of your message into the broader community by branding one of the medical stress shapes on offer. To learn more about availability and print options, FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999 to speak with a medical stress ball specialist.

    Using Medical & Health Stress Balls to Increase Brand Awareness

    Stress shapes and toys can make for excellent marketing pieces for those in the healthcare community, as these products not only take on fun and noticeable shapes, but they help to improve health by relieving stress as well. Stress shapes and toys in medical or health related shapes can remind a recipient not only of a brand’s logo or name, but of what field they are in as well, as they can consider their health each time the piece is used. A stress shape will often sit on top of a desk or table while not in use, and the plethora of interesting shapes they take can make these pieces some of the most eye catching in terms of affordable promotional products. When a person enters the room or office where one of these stress shapes is located, their eye will be drawn naturally to the unique form and bright colour of the shape, allowing the brand to be noticed effortlessly as it’s used or unused. When a brand in the medical industry uses a stress shape for marketing, they can also relay the message that they care about their recipients’ health. These stress shapes work to relieve both mental and physical stresses by having the ability to be squeezed repeatedly, and this process can both clear the mind and relieve tension built up in the hand or wrist areas.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Medical and health stress shapes will be manufactured to create a myriad of different health field related designs. Capsules, bandages, doctors, and bones are just some of the styles available with these products, and a health brand can choose which would suit their company needs best. These products are made from a soft, yet firm, foam that allows them to be squeezed time and time again without risking any damage to the product or the branding it bears. Pad printing is used to add branding to medical and health styled stress shapes, and the print area on the pieces is always in a visible location. Because these styles vary so greatly, they will have different designated print regions, but these regions on the product are always chosen for maximum exposure whether the product is in use or sitting on a shelf. Pad printing within these print areas allows the branding to be seen the colour of a brand’s choice.

    Promotional Health Industry Stress Balls Case Study

    A pharmaceutical sales team presented clients with branded capsule shaped stress toys while visiting their offices. These stress shapes had the printing of their logo on the face of the item, and recipients appreciated the new useful products they could display in their offices. During the next visit, the team members noticed that all of their recipients still had the stress shapes on display, and many even said they used them on a regular basis to relieve professional stress.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Medical and health shaped stress toys can be shipped affordably or carried conveniently, and the choice between the two will often depend on the brand’s personal marketing needs.

    Medical & Health
    Minimal Price: $2.95