Aluminium & Stainless Steel Drink Bottles Custom Printed


Laser engraved or printed with a logo metal water bottles are a long term hydration solution for sports and promotional activity. If your company is looking for a gift which has genuine rugged utility and applications to sports, outdoor and other leisure activities, one of the metal bottles on offer here will be the solution clients are talking about many years into the future. Metal drink bottles are highly popular items, and these reusable products are built for optimal portability, making these also excellent pieces to brand for marketing purposes. A metal drink bottle can hold water or any number of desired liquids for easy hydration on the go, and these are appropriate for marketing use by companies of any industry.

    Guide to Using Metal Drink Bottles In Promotions & Marketing

    For brands looking to promote a green message, metal drink bottles are ideal. These drink bottles are washable and reusable and they help to cut down on the waste accumulated with the use of disposable plastic bottles of water. By branding a metal water bottle, a brand can not only promote their company name or logo in an effort to gain further exposure, but they can spread their environmentally sustainable message as well. A metal drink bottle may be used by people of all ages, and these products can be taken to a variety of different locations. Whether running errands around a neighbourhood, or on vacation in an exotic destination, a branded metal drink bottle can be brought along to help the recipient to stay comfortably hydrated throughout the course of their day, as they also spread a brand’s message wherever they may go.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Metal drink bottles can be made from lightweight aluminium or durable stainless steel, and these products can come in a multitude of different shapes, styles, colours, or designs. Some metal drink bottles may even be made from a combination of metal and plastic to allow for optimal convenience and function, and these pieces are often dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. A metal drink bottle may come with certain features such as straws or carabiner clips, and these provide an extra aesthetic as well as functional appeal to a brand and their recipients.

    The print area on a branded metal drink bottle is typically on the front face of the bottle, and this allows the logo or brand messaging on the item to be seen at all times. The print area is the region reserved for printing, and this location on a metal drink bottle can be noticed easily whether the product is being sipped from or simply carried along with its owner. Two print methods are available with metal drink bottles, and these are pad printing or laser engraving. With laser engraving, the brand’s image or logo is etched into the surface of the metal using laser technology, and pad printing applies a coloured design onto the body of the bottle itself.

    Promotional Case Study

    A sportswear brand that prides itself on an environmentally conscious mind set offered branded metal drink bottles to customers who shopped online from their new summer clothing line. These bottles were so well received that the brand began to sell them individually on the website after the conclusion of the promotion.

    Shipping & Distribution

    A branded metal drink bottle may be shipped, however the cost can become rather high if large quantities are requested. For the most effective method, hand distribution is often recommended.

    Metal Bottles
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