Promotional Metal Flash Drives Custom Branded


A metal cased flash drive can be either engraved or printed in multi-colours. Like metal products everywhere the heavyweight and durable nature of metallic devices contributes to durability and the apparent value of your final offering. With a huge range of different styles available including memory capacities from 1gb - 8gb there is a budget and design option available in promotional metal usb drives to make sure your budget extends to the requirements of the market.

    Using Metal Flash Drives in Marketing & Promotions

    Broadly metal usb memory stick styles can be divided into two classes. There are two piece styles with metal cases which permit the user to remove the cap. Alternatively one piece models remove the possibility of the custom metal USB drive losing its cap. using our free design service and free set-up offer for printing you can customise your own metal cased flash drives with your logo or company name and make sure that you think about how you will use them to market your brand.

    Guide To Using Metal Flash Drives In Marketing

    Metal flash drives have a sleek and elegant look not always found with these devices, making them excellent marketing gifts for executives or important clients. A flash drive is used to transport important documents or digital files from one place to another, which also means that these are products which will see quite a bit of travel during the course of their long lifetimes. As recipients travel along on business meetings or personal trips, their flash drive will often be with them to keep up with work or carry along any other files which may be deemed important for any number of reasons. As a person uses their flash drive during travel, the audience which may see the device is limitless, which can translate to limitless exposure for a brand.

    There are 2 key characteristics that separate metal flash drives from flash drives of other materials, and that is their unparalleled durability as well as their sophisticated appearance. These are gadgets which are meant to last through the tests of time and remain functional longer than flash drives of any other material, and their look is striking enough to catch the casual eye of those sharing a workspace or travel space with a recipient, meaning a the branding placed on the device is sure to attract the right type of attention. Brands in the education and tech industries can often best appreciate these devices for marketing purposes, although their vast appeal also allows metal flash drives to be used appropriately to market a wide array of brands.

    Manufacture & Branding

    Metal flash drives are most commonly made out of stainless steel, although they can also be found in materials like brass or aluminium as well. Aluminium is typically the most affordable metal flash drive option, and these are exceptionally lightweight as well. An aluminium flash drive may be carried easily without the owner needing to worry about damage, all while feeling light as air in a pocket or bag. For an executive option, stainless steel is more popular, and these are some of the sturdiest flash drives available. Both rust resistant and easy to clean, stainless steel gives the flash drives a way to stay in optimal condition no matter what abuses they may see. Screen printing, pad printing, and laser engraving are the primary methods of placing branding on these devices, and this allows a brand to choose just how they may wish to be represented on their promotional item.

    Promotional Case Study

    A financial firm gifted metal flash drives to all members of a sales team to allow them to carry with them all of the important client information they may need while travelling. The team reported that they were able to prepare for client meetings more efficiently with the flash drives, and this allowed them to makes sales with greater confidence.

    Storage, Shipping & Distribution

    While being made of metal, the small size of these flash drives allows them to remain lightweight, and this translates into easy and affordable shipping. When hand distribution is desired by a brand, presenting each piece individually and packaged in a small gift box is found to be highly appreciated by recipients as it creates a more professional presentation able to create a memorable experience.

    Metal Flash Drives
    Minimal Price: $7.00