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Nothing says permanence like metal. If you're wanting to find a product to carry your branding into the future, promotional metal keyrings are an option which provide numerous advantages. Laser engraved or printed a metal keyring will take the bumps and scratches which are a part of the normal work a day life, yet maintain it's shape and hold your brand under everything but the most severe punishment. A keyring stays with people and the right model will keep your contact details in front of people for years to come. Whether you want to produce custom made metal keyrings which are uniquely your own or buy a standard model off the metal keyrings are a proven way to win friends and influence people

    Using Metal Keyring in Marketing & Promotions

    From cheap metal keyring styles which can be used as bulk mailers or giveaways at trade shows through more upmarket engraved metal keyring styles for company to company brand promotion, there are so many styles available, every industry budget and branding requirement can be satisfied. If you're looking for more information on how best to use a promotional metal keyring to enhance your company image FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999.

    Metal Keyrings The Long Lasting Promotional Investment

    A metal keyring is a keyring that is built to last, and these keyrings can make excellent corporate, client, or customer gifts alike. Metal keyrings may be made from various metals and materials, and their durable construction allows these promotional items to live on and do their designated tasks for many years. The role of a keyring is to add a bit of flair to a set of keys, and this is done not only to personalise the items, but to make them easier to find as well. A metal keyring can perform this task in an unparalleled fashion while also providing a sophisticated backdrop for branding.

    When a set of keys is taken along during travel, the keyrings hanging from the set will naturally draw the eye. While many keys look alike, keyrings may be completely different from one another, and a shining piece made of metal is one that is sure to be noticed, making these products smart choices in terms of marketing. A metal keyring may also be given as an additional piece in a promotional gift package, and their affordable price makes them an inexpensive choice for any sized brand. Brands in all industries may appreciate the use of a metal keyring, as they have the ability to appeal to a multitude of different individuals.

    Manufacture & Branding

    A metal keyring can be manufactured in to many different shapes, and the most common metals used are steel and aluminium. The use of these metals gives the keyrings a shiny aesthetic appeal, however textured metals or brushed metals may also be chosen if a brand wishes to achieve a particular look.

    Branding is commonly placed on the front side of the keyrings to allow a logo or company name to remain visible during all steps of use, and the shape of the piece will determine the exact print area. Printing is done by either pad printing or laser engraving, and this places the brand’s desired design into the print area for all to see. Pad printing gives the benefit of printing in colour, and a colour print is more likely to attract the eye from afar. Laser engraving, however, has a more refined appeal that can create an ideal corporate gift. Laser engraving is done by using laser technology to engrave a design into the metal’s surface.

    Case Study

    A car brand gave out branded metal keyrings in the shape of a small automobile at a recent car show, and guests quickly lined up at their table for their complimentary gift. Each time a guest signed up to learn more about the brand they were given their keyring, and those hosting the booth soon noticed that the keyrings had gained them more newly registered potential customers than they had ever received at this show in the past.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Metal keyrings, although somewhat heavier than keyrings of other materials, may be shipped easily due to their small size. Hand distribution is simple as well, with the ability to carry a great deal of keyrings in a bag or backpack at one time.

    Metal Keyrings
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