Metal Lapel Pins Custom Made


Custom made metal pins can be produced either through a die stamping or moulding manufacturing process. Metal has attracted the attention of humans for millennia for it's strength, longevity and malleability. Copper, brass and recycled white metals are the usual alloys used to produce stamped or die-cast metal pins. Depending on the final colour whether it's painted or plated, determines the metal type and the mix of strengthening additives. Die stamped lapel pins provide the finest detail and most accurate reproduction of artwork or logo. Die stamping is the same technique used to produce modern coining but does require production of a hard metal die which is able to hold it's detail under thousands of pounds of pressure. In most cases die moulded metal lapel pins are perfectly adequate and the marginal reduction in detail cannot be noticed by anyone but the most experienced metal lapel pins manufacturer

    Using Metal Lapel Pins in Marketing & Promotions

    A metal lapel pin is a classic option, and these may be used to advertise and market for a plethora of different brands. Sports teams, those in the corporate world, those in education, retail stores, or hospitality brands can all use a metal lapel pin to market themselves appropriately, and the audiences that these products are able to reach are limitless.

    A lapel pin will traditionally go onto the lapel of a suit or sport jacket; however, these may be worn on cool weather jackets, hats, or handbags as well. A metal lapel is a small promotional decoration piece that is elegant enough to attract the eye without being too loud to be worn regularly, making these highly effective choices in terms of brand marketing. As a recipient wears their pin to their choice of locations, many audiences can become exposed to a particular brand or company logo.

    Metal lapel pins may also be used to commemorate an event, and employees can be shown thanks for professional achievements using one of these products. A big promotion, an anniversary with a company, or a retirement are just some occasions where a commemorative metal lapel pin may be given by an employer to a loyal employee.

    Manufacturing Metal Lapel Pins

    Steel, aluminium, brass, and bronze are some of the most common metals used to create metal lapel pins, and any combination of these materials may be used to manufacture a single design. Metal lapel pins with intricate multi-colour designs may use a combination of metals, such as steel and brass, to create two toned appeal in order to catch the eye.

    For an executive option, sterling silver lapel pins are also available for branding, and these make excellent corporate gift options when wanting to impress a big client or important business partner. For commemorative pieces, a silver metal lapel pin can often also set the tone for the achievement being commemorated.

    The entire area of a silver lapel pin may act as a print area, as these products are often custom made to embody a particular design. The entire face and body of the pin can be customised in order to bring a logo or company name to life using these promotional products.

    Custom moulding or die casting is often used to create metal lapel pins, and this gives a brand a way to use their creative skills in designing their perfect piece.

    Metal Pins Case Study

    A jewellery store had custom sterling silver lapel pins made bearing their store logo to gift to employees of the shop working at the location for 10 years or more. The lapel pins were so sought after by employees that they would often playfully count down their years until they reached the 10 year mark and were able to receive their pins, while those who had already received them wore them daily while working in the shop.

    Shipping & Distribution

    While hand distribution of metal lapel pins in a gift bag or pouch may be the most effective method, these are small items that can be easily shipped when far off recipients need to be reached.

    Metal Lapel Pins
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