Metal Promotional Pens Custom Engraved & Printed


The human race has always been drawn to the different metallic elements due to their permanence, strength and lustre. For these reasons metal promotional pens make sense if your company is wanting to present a gift to staff and business contacts which will stand the test of time. While plastic pens are great for note taking and as giveaways, a metal pen is a gift which suggests permanence and strength and with the extended life span expected a long term relationship. Subtle branding is also an attribute of metal pens as laser engraving can be used to create a relief of your logo by removing the upper layers of the pen barrel to permanently mark it with your logo or message.

    Using Metal Pens in Marketing & Promotions

    No amount of scratching or wear and tear can remove the branding from an engraved metal pen. Equipped in general with metal based refills which last longer and write more smoothly than cheaper promotional pen styles, metal pens have an obvious appearance of strength and quality which still appeals to people even in this digital world where the written message is more often represented in bits and bytes. Most pens if they are finished in nickel or gold plate have spun mild steel construction while metal pens with a lacquer or enamel finish have a brass substrate. To learn more about the range available FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999 and speak with a metal pens consultant.

    Metal Pens The Lasting Promotional Choice

    Pens are items that will often travel along with recipients or be shared in office, home, or classroom settings. Because metal pens are built to last, these are products that can be used and shared for a great length of time, and this gives these products the opportunity to be seen or noticed by a vast array of people throughout their lives. When a person lends their pen to a friend, co-worker, or relative, the branding on the item will be noticed along with the quality, thereby also placing the brand into the minds of the consumer in a way that associates it with the quality of the piece. Metal pens can also come in a wide variety of different price points, and this presents brands of all sizes with the opportunity to promote themselves using these pens for a price they can afford. Companies of various industries may use these pens in their marketing quests, and this is due to their ability to be used appropriately by any desired audience.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Metal pens are manufactured using a combination of different metal materials, from aluminium to steel, and executive options as well as affordable options remain well made and comfortable to use. Each metal pen is designed with ergonomic comfort in mind, and some pens may even feature comfortable rubber grips where the hand will rest on the product in order to ensure a pleasant experience with the item.

    Pad printing and laser engraving are the two most common print methods used on metal pens, and both provide their own benefits in marketing. Laser engraving is popular with corporate gift or executive pen options, and this method engraves the brand’s logo or company name directly into the metal surface of the piece. With pad printing, a coloured print will be applied to the print area of the pen, and the visual pop this creates allows this method of branding to be spotted easily. The print areas on each pen, or the areas reserved for branding, will be placed in visible locations either at the top, at the bottom, or down the barrel of the pen to guarantee visibility.

    Promotional Case Study

    An office supply store offered branded metal pens with the purchase of one of their executive styled notepads, and these pens were adorned with the laser engraving of the company’s logo down the barrel of the product. The brand realised that since the promotion the sales of their executive notepads rose significantly, causing them to begin to sell the pens and notepads as a complete set.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Although these pens are made of metal, they still remain lightweight due to their small size, and this gives these products a way to be shipped affordably. If a more personal marketing impact is desired, hand distribution may prove more effective.

    Metal Pens
    Minimal Price: $1.80