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Packaged mixed lollies give you a great tool that has something for everyone and helps promote your business. People love promotional lollies and the range here makes sure that everyone is happy at the end of your lolly gifting campaign. You can customise these promotional lollies to give out to your customers and employees with your company logo or information, like a tasty business card treat. It's a great way to drum up business and keep people interested in what you have to say. If you have an audience that involves children or that has children, you can be certain they will be well received. A promotional lolly campaign can be whatever you need it to be for your business. In a range of pack styles, sizes, price points and perceived value levels promotional lollies ensure that you can brand and make an impact no matter what you choose.

    Using Mixed Lollies In Marketing & Promotions

    Mixed lollies provide a little bit of every flavour, which makes them an ideal marketing choice as they are able to appeal to such a wide and varied range of individuals. Lollies are classic candies that are easy to consume while on the go, perfect for brands who want to reach audiences with something they will be able to enjoy no matter where their days may take them. As a person enjoys the lolly of their choice while on public transportation, walking down the street, or in the office, others will be able to easily see them eating their confection, which will lead them to feel interest about not only the sweet, but the brand which supplied it as well. This portability of these treats gives them a great travel factor which can help to spread awareness of a brand to vast distances.

    Mixed lollies may be used to effectively and appropriately market a vast array of different brands, and this is due to the confection’s mass appeal. A promotional mixed lolly jar or package can work just as positively for marketing a clothing retail location as it can for marketing a chain of hotels, simply due to the fact that consumers for these very different products will be able to appreciate such a classic sweet equally.

    Manufacture & Branding

    Mixed lollies are sweets made from high-quality ingredients, and their packaging will hold most of the branding in terms of display. Glass, plastic, tin, and other materials are used to create the various containers available for these promotional packs of mixed lollies, and a brand’s needs as well as budget will determine which manufacturing option will work best for their marketing strategy. At a trade show event or conference, hand distributing small bags of lollies is one sure way to reach a large audience, and these will typically have a label or sticker placed on each individual bag to showcase branding on every piece.

    For a promotional mixed lolly pack with more of a show piece appeal, larger jars or boxes with branding may suit these needs better. One of these larger mixed lolly products can be placed on a desk or table to allow recipients to choose a lolly while passers-by can see the brand placement on the container effortlessly. Because the packages are mixed, a recipient will also be able to choose their favourite flavour from the bunch held inside.

    Promotional Mixed Lollies Case Study

    Switching from single flavour lollies, a bank decided to offer branded jars of mixed lollies to clients who came in to do their baking. Not only did they notice the lollies in the jars disappearing faster, but they also heard several praises from customers who appreciated that their favourite flavours were now available.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Mixed lollies are small enough to be shipped easily across Australia, however hand distribution may be more affordable when it comes to larger jars or packages. Because lollies are not susceptible to melting in the heat, these may also be shipped during any time of the year.

    Mixed Lollies
    Minimal Price: $2.00