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Promotional phone accessories and gifts are an important part of promotional branding as these days few people leave home without their iPhone or smart phone on their person. The range of custom branded mobile phone gear available and their functions and style is constantly improving so it makes sense whether they are for staff use or distribution to clients that you take advantage of the expanding mobile accessory market. Whether you're looking for chargers, decorations or other more simple branded mobile gear the wide range of custom accessories available here will assist you in winning friends and influencing people. To learn more about the wide range on offer, all supplied with your company logo, FREECALL 1800 129 999 to talk with one of our mobile phone products consultants.

    Using Mobile Phone Accessories in Marketing & Promotions

    Increasing Brand Awareness With Custom Phone Accessories

    Mobile phone accessories are fun pieces that give a person the ability to customise and personalise their mobile phones. These pieces are made to be stand-out and unique to provide a little something extra to any type of mobile phone. Types of phone accessories can vary from the practical and functional to the quirky and fun, and different types of industries may appreciate using different types of accessories for marketing their brand.

    Because phone accessories are made to add a little something different to a phone, they are also made to be noticed, making them ideal pieces to use when looking to market a brand in a stand-out way. Phone accessories can be compatible with any type of phone available on the market, or phones of a specific make or model, giving a brand options in terms of just what type of audiences they may wish to market to. Mobile phone companies and businesses in the tech industry can highly appreciate phone accessories for marketing purposes, and they can be given as employee gifts or to customers interested in improving their personal pieces of technology. Even those in the fashion industry can use these accessories to market their brand, as items such as cell phone charms can provide a bit of style to mobile devices. As any type of recipient enjoys their branded accessory, others will be able to see and appreciate the pieces while noticing the branding placed on each product.

    Manufacture & Branding

    Different manufacture and branding methods are used depending on the type of accessory a brand should choose. These accessories can range from the strictly functional, such as cleaning cloths and SIM card data savers, to the fun like retro mobile phone handsets and mobile phone charms.

    Custom mobile phone covers are a popular marketing item, as these provide both aesthetic and function. These covers help to protect expensive mobile phones, as they can also provide a bit of flare to an otherwise ordinary device. These covers are most frequently made of plastics and can feature all over branding to ensure the logo of a brand is noticed each time the cover is used. Phone cleansing cloths are another popular accessory choice, and these can help recipients to keep their phones clean whether their device has a touch or standard screen. These cleansing cloths are made of microfibre or cotton to ensure they are safe for all types of phones, with no risk of scratching a phone’s surface, and branding can be placed on each piece by way of screen or digital printing.

    Mobile Phone Accessory Case Study

    A fashion brand decided to award their social media followers with a cell phone charm giveaway. The cell phone charms were branded with the company’s logo and compatible with a variety of different types of mobile devices. The brand noticed a steep rise in followers once word of the promotion spread across various social media platforms, and entries into the giveaway began pouring in. After the conclusion of the promotion, the brand found that their newfound social media popularity had contributed to a plethora of new sales.

    Shipping & Distribution

    The ease of shipping and different methods of distribution will greatly depend on the types of accessories chosen. Smaller accessories may be shipped easily and affordably, while larger accessories may be best distributed by hand.

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