Promotional Money Boxes Custom Printed

Who doesn't remember the money box they received from the bank as a kid. They look so big, and are so hard to fill up but having your own branded money boxes designed or imprinted is a great way to get a major piece of branding into a prominent place. As well as the wide range of different styles shown below using our custom design service you can have your own coin bank made from scratch using your company logo, products or mascot. A money box teaches kids the lesson of saving and focusing on their goals. It's a lesson a few adults could learn as well!

    Using Money Boxes in Marketing & Promotions

    Custom designed money boxes cost a lot less than you think. You won't have to smash open the piggy bank to have something designed for your company which will carry your branding for years to come. From pressed steel through to custom moulded plastic styles everything you need to run a successful money box campaign can be sourced by speaking to a Fresh Promotions consultant on 1800 129 999.

    Why Money Boxes Are So Popular

    Teaching money saving techniques at a young age can help to prepare children for a life free from many financial hardships, however a money box may be used to save spare change for adults as well. Money boxes are useful items in the way they allow a person to put away their pocket change and save for a rainy day, and these also make highly effective marketing tools for a variety of different industries. Those in the business of finance, children’s toys, or retail can brand money boxes for their audiences, and these are items which may be used and appreciated by recipients for a significant length of time.

    A money box will often sit on a table or desk top, being displayed for all to see, as recipients use them to store their saved funds. Because these act as such versatile display pieces, a brand can use any size or style they deem appropriate to allow their logo or name to be on display as recipients make use of them. For those in the finance industry, a money box can help recipients and those who may see the items not only remember a particular company name, but also what business they are in as well.

    Manufacture & Branding of Money Boxes

    Plastic, ceramic, and acrylic are three of the most commonly found material options in money box manufacture, however these pieces can be found in a vast array of different shapes, sizes, and styles. Classic piggy shaped money boxes are a highly appealing versatile option that have the ability to appeal to all ages as they can appropriately represent any type of brand. For those in the banking or real estate businesses, house shaped money boxes can help recipients to remember to save for that dream home, and these are excellent promotional money box choices for adult recipients. Branding is placed within the print area on these products using a pad printing method that allows for coloured logos.

    Pad printing is the most commonly used branding method for money boxes of all materials, and the shape of the specific item will determine its prime print area. The print area is where the pad printed logo will be located on the item, and these spaces are always chosen with optimal visibility in mind. Some money boxes may also have multiple print areas to allow a brand to distribute their logo or messaging evenly throughout the box’s surface.

    Money Box Promotional Case Study

    A bank offered branded money boxes as a sign up incentive for their new free checking program. Many customers who came into the bank stated that the promotion urged them to choose this particular bank over another, and as word spread about the money boxes, even more potential customers came in inquiring about the new checking system and voiced consideration about switching from their original bank.

    Shipping & Distribution

    While some money boxes are light in weight, these are often bulky products that can be difficult to prepare for affordable shipping. In order to make an impact and not risk a broken item, hand distribution is often recommended.

    Money Boxes
    Minimal Price: $5.00