Promotional Mouse Mats & Mouse Pads Custom Personalised


Even with touch pads a promotional mousemat is still a must have for most office workers. Available in every shape, size, and colour you can personalise a mousepad to make it an unmissable branding display in the heart of a client's office of business stronghold. There are dozens of styles available and with every mousemat custom made to order the opportunity to produce a standout device which screams positives about your organisation to to passers-by. Customise your mouse mat's shape, colour and texture to make sure your offering stays in place and becomes a daily part of office routine.

    Using Mouse Mats in Marketing & Promotions

    When people use a PC or laptop with a mouse, they will require a sturdy mousemat to keep their mouse safe and functional, and millions worldwide use these types of technology at least once per day whether for business or pleasure. A mousemat rests on a desk where it is in plain visible view to all who may see a personal or professional desk space, making these useful items also those which are perfect for showing a brand image.

    A mousemat can be appreciated by a variety of different industries, and the use of these items in marketing doesn’t need to be limited to office or technology related brands. Because such a wide range of individuals will use a mousemat, any type of brand can use these products to reach a vast array of different desired audiences. A brand could also use branded mouse mats around a professional office space to provide a more unified look to office décor, and employees will be able to appreciate a high-quality product that makes them feel like more of a team. As clients come to visit an office, this branding will be highly noticeable around the space to prove the type of pride a team shows in their company.

    Manufacture & Branding

    The type of mousemat chosen will determine the materials and branding options available for each piece. Standard mouse mats are an affordable and functional option made of a foam base for comfort and track laminate for ideal functionality. Each standard mousemat can be branded using an all over digital printing process to give the product a way to allow the brand to stand out.

    Liquid filled mouse mats are another option, and these types of mouse mats give the same comfort and function as a standard mousemat with the added benefit of being filled with gel. This gel not only provides comfort, but also an interesting and interactive aesthetic sure to get the product noticed. The gels used in these products are non-toxic and safe should the mousemat leak due to puncturing. The entire top of the item can be branded with colour digital printing, or they can be cast to represent a particular shape. For another mousemat option which is known for being interactive, heat sensitive mouse mats use materials that change colour when coming into contact with a warm hand or mouse. The fabric which tops antimicrobial mouse mats contains a compound which is used to kill bacteria and germs on contact. These mouse mats are excellent office options and can be branded with full colour digital printing.

    Promotional Mouse mats Case Study

    A computer and technology company recently opened its first retail store in a local area, and they wanted to run a promotion to bring in new customers as well as notify existing customers of their new storefront. With the purchase of a PC or Laptop, a branded mousemat was included to give customers a bit of an extra incentive to shop with the store. After the completion of the opening promotion the company realised that their sales for this opening were higher than any they had experienced in the previous year, and they decided to hold these promotions for all of the openings of their new retail locations henceforth.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Branded mouse mats can be easily shipped or carried to distribute to recipients by mail or by hand.

    Mouse Mats
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