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One of the all time classics, promotional mugs have held their own in the marketing game by delivering results at a low price. Just watch the average breakfast TV program and see the printed cups on the desk and you'll understand the value of printing your message on a custom mug. Along with a large branding area and daily use, the best thing about promo mugs is their high level of visibility and ability to find their way into the middle of the office activity zone. And like the subtle insinuators they are once they're in place they are rarely asked to leave.

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    Using Promotional Mugs in Marketing & Promotions<

    Australians are known for having a thirst as big as the wide brown land itself so it's not just about promotional mugs. You couldn't have a coffee break without coffee mugs. It's a significant part of the business day and one of the most enjoyable.There's a huge range of custom drinkware from shot glasses to plastic cups available, all complete with printing, all produced express and shipped across the country.

    Once a branded mug finds its place on a desk it will often stay for years. A personalised mug adopted by a new owner often stays for life. So your challenge as a marketer is to produce cups and mugs with the cut through attributes which make people want to use them every day. We find marketers who use promotional mugs keep coming back for refills, year after year. There can't be any better endorsement of their marketing power. Next time you're having a break from your desk see which suppliers to your company have managed to infiltrate.

    How Promotional Mugs Keep Your Brand In Hand

    People have been using mugs for thousands of years an in that time thousands of styles, shapes and different compositions have been tested and rejected so now it's a relatively simple matter to find out what sort of promotional mug is the best option. You'll find far more than the traditional white mug with a logo on it (although we have that too). You can opt for lots of decorative options that will become beautiful little additions to the customer's desk. For those who don't drink coffee, an attractive mug may just become a staple on the desk they can use as a pen holder or. From ceramic to stainless steel there's a material for any kind of promotional agenda. Our branded mugs come in many different colours. For larger orders or special production runs contact us to have your exact PMS colour matched to a kiln fired model which will resist fading and carry your brand into the marketplace for years to come.

    When you're choosing the best promotional mugs for your company, it's important to consider how they'll be used and by whom. The best products meet the needs of the user perfectly but they also have to satisfy the needs of the buyer. In this case there are a range of budget points which allow you to select at every point, from sought after branded mugs which will provide years of reliable service for both you and those lucky enough to receive them.

    How are Mugs Branded?

    Promotional cups and mugs can be customised in three different ways. Laser engraving is available with some metal options while pad printing and screen printing are better on ceramic or plastic promotional coffee mugs. We can accommodate nearly any design whether you want a single colour print or full colour photographic image. Just give our sales representatives a call and they'll be happy to help you. The right mug will become a beloved part of your customer's morning routine, keeping your name close by every day. Personalised mugs are a solution that's appropriate for any business, and appreciated by any customer.

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