Promotional Musical Instruments Custom Printed

Have all the excitement of a concert focused on your marketing message using promotional musical instruments to create a band for your brand! More than just noise makers in the right hands custom musical instruments are highly prized value add gifts or bonding personal offerings for your clients. Music is emotional and personal, both attributes one hopes to harness to successfully gain the attention of a target market. From guitars through to maracas, there's something here for your company to create colour and movement around your marketing message.

    Why Use Promotional Music Instruments In Marketing?

    A great example of a custom musical instrument campaign is acoustic guitars produced by beverage companies. With the branding of their product on the body and neck the branded musical instrument is not only a sort after gift upon which customers can focus and come to understand the offer, they also make a great piece of point of sale hanging on a wall or above a bar. To learn more about how you can conduct your own musical instrument marketing campaign, FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999 to speak with an instrument consultant.

    A branded music instrument can make an appropriate affordable children’s promotional gift, or an excellent corporate gift for adults, and this all depends on a brand’s particular choice of instrument. Music instruments provide an extra element to being noticed, with the addition of sound, to attract crowd attention and get any branding placed on the item easily noticed, making these ideal tools to use in fun and functional marketing.

    Inexpensive branded music instruments such as plastic maracas or keyring harmonicas are excellent children’s options, and these can be appropriately used by those in the education or children’s toys industries. Young recipients will be able to use these products to broaden their musical horizons while parents and caregivers will take note of the branding placed on these items, allowing these products to serve a dual purpose.

    For corporate gifts or prizes for adults, branded promotional guitars can attract a crowd while on display or in use. These full sized guitars are electric and ready to plug in to an amplifier, so a recipient will be able to use their product straight away when performing or entertaining a crowd. Those in the industries of entertainment or music can best appreciate marketing with these guitars as these will often appeal to their target audiences.

    Manufacture & Branding

    Plastics, wood, metals, or fabric may be used to manufacture promotional music instruments or instrument accessories, and the desired type of instrument, the audience looking to be reached, and a particular budget will determine which music instrument option is best for the marketing of a certain brand.

    Each instrument has a print area located in a visible location on the piece, and it is within this print area that branding will be placed. Some instruments may also have an all over print area to allow a company to choose a larger logo or wrapped design for optimal visibility. No matter the size of the print area or its location, each are designed to catch the eye easily and draw as much attention to the branding placed on the item as the music that comes from it.

    Pad printing is the most common print method found with branded music instruments, and this method allows a brand to choose a single or multiple colour print. Pad printing places a logo or brand message onto the surface of an item in vivid colour to allow the branding to take centre stage.

    PromotionaL Musical Instrument Case Study

    An after school program focused on teaching kids to play music had harmonicas branded with their logo for children to use. As kids used their harmonicas while practicing at home or on the go, those in their vicinities were drawn to the products due to the music being played, and the program’s logo was then easily noticed. This lead to other children signing up for the program as their parents saw current students enjoying their instruments.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Smaller and lighter music instruments may be shipped affordably to recipients should a brand choose this method. With larger pieces, however, hand distribution is recommended in order to keep costs low.

    Music Instruments
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