Promotional Notepads Custom Printed


In the modern business world there's something reassuring about having a custom printed notepad baring your company logo sitting on your desk while so many other things are transient or uncertain, the certainty and convenience provided by a promotional notepad is a short cut to making sure your idea gets noticed in amongst the pea soup of competing attention seekers. For personal use in keeping a to-do list, the items upon which can be crossed off one at a time, there's nothing more satisfying than a handwritten note on paper. The majority of promotional note pads are custom made to your specifications. You choose the paper style, the print colours, the size and the backing. Printed in larger quantities, the cost per unit falls dramatically

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    Using Notepads in Marketing & Promotions

    Notepads have just as many uses in a personal setting as they do in a professional setting, and these products have the ability to display branding in a highly sharable way. Notepads can be found on desk tops in homes or offices, table tops, hanging on refrigerators, in handbags, or in a vehicle, and this gives these items the ability to be seen in a plethora of different settings. The branding placed on promotional notepads can be seen by audiences of any demographic, and this can translate easily to highly effective marketing.

    Notepads can come in affordable, eco-friendly notepads, and executive varieties, so a brand will be able to gift to recipients affordably no matter who they may choose to market their brand to. Brands that pride themselves on an ecologically friendly message can brand notepads made entirely out of environmentally sustainable products in order to stay true to their message, a brand looking to impress a big client can choose an executive option that provides a professional “wow” factor, and a brand looking to distribute to a wide audience can choose an affordable option that allows them to reach all they wish to reach without breaking their budget.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Branded notepads can be made from a plethora of different materials, and these can range from recycled paper to various metals. Executive notepads may have an aluminium casing that keeps the pad safe during travel and elegant looking during display, while others may be made entirely from bamboo or recycled paper to fit the needs of brands who promote an environmentally friendly message.

    The branding areas on promotional notepads are commonly on the covers of the pieces, but if a cover is not included in a particular piece, the print areas may be located on each page. The highly visible print areas are reserved for brand images or company logos, and these are strategically placed to allow for easy noticing.

    Full colour digital printing, screen printing, pad printing, or laser engraving may be used to adorn these pieces with branding, and the type of print method used will depend on the materials used in creating the product. Laser engraving is often reserved for metal cased notepads, and this method allows for an elegant and professional appeal.

    Promotional Notepads Case Study

    As a company holiday gift, executives of a technology company gifted employees with branded metal cased notepads bearing the laser engraved print of their company logo and name. These notepads were so well received that they could be seen being used in the office regularly, and many recipients even took their notepads with them for use at home or on the go.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Most notepad types can be shipped affordably even when large numbers are desired. For options of a higher weight, such as those with metal casings, packages can become heavy when large numbers are being shipped, and this could cause the product distribution to become unaffordable. For a distribution method guaranteed to make a personal impact, these can be easily given directly to recipients by hand.

    Minimal Price: $2.95