Promotional Novelty Keyrings Custom Printed

You don't have to be marketing guru to understand the basic purpose of the keyring; they keep your keys together. Novelty keyrings take this concept one step further and throw some fun into the keyring mix. Can you think of a better way to engage and amuse your clients than to provide them with a entertaining keyring model that brings a smile to their face every time they open a door. As a way to engage a new market with whom you may have limited experience, novelty keyrings can be a breakthrough idea. For kids, at conferences, or as fun keyrings to giveaway at a trade show, your company image can only be enhanced when you apply it to the right style

    Using Novelty Keyrings in Marketing & Promotions

    Novelty keyrings can best be explained as keyrings with a specialty purpose or feature, making these some of the most easily noticeable keyrings on the market. A novelty keyring may include a whistle, roll out banner, game, laser pointer, or a vast array of other features to get recipients to use or play with them during many years of enjoyment. Because these are products made to stand apart, they also make excellent marketing choices as they are meant to attract attention.

    A novelty keyring may be given alone or as part of a package, and their affordable prices allow these items to be economically smart marketing choices. For a minimal price, a brand can gain a great deal of exposure when placing their name on a novelty keyring, allowing the small item to effectively advertise to a large market of individuals.Certain novelty keyring pieces may also relate to different industries, and a brand of any industry can appreciate the type of attention these small items are able to attract. For a salon or nail care brand, novelty keyrings with emery boards may be branded, a construction business can place their logo on a novelty tape measurer keyring, or an outdoors brand may choose to market with a keyring pocket knife, allowing these products to not only remind a recipient of a name, but just what business they may be in as well.

    Manufacture & Branding Options

    Because so many different types of novelty keyrings can be branded, the manufacture process for these pieces will differ greatly from product to product. Steel, rubber, plastic, glass, fabric, and wood are just some of the materials found in this category of keyrings, and the sheer variety that a brand has to choose from allows them the ability to pick their ideal piece.

    The materials used to manufacture a chosen keyring will determine the method of branding. Branding methods from full colour digital printing to laser engraving may be chosen from so a brand can choose just how they wish to be represented on their promotional item. Full colour digital printing, screen printing, and pad printing will allow the company to adorn their piece with a logo in full colour for an eye-popping appeal, while laser engraving may be reserved for a more refined look on a piece made from wood or various metals.

    Novelty Keyring Case Study

    A small local salon and spa gave custom novelty keyrings to customers who visited the establishment for their beauty and grooming services, and these keyrings also doubled as small branded emery boards. Each time a recipient used the emery board to do a little work on their nails they were reminded of the salon, and this often prompted them to make an appointment. Customers also said they liked having the salon’s contact information on an item that was easy to use and easy to find.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Novelty keyrings are small in size, and they may be packaged easily for shipping. In order to make a more personal impact, however, hand distribution may be desired, and they can be carried easily in a small bag or backpack.

    Novelty Keyrings
    Minimal Price: $1.00