Novelty Stress Balls, Toys & Shapes Custom Printed


Stress balls by themselves are novelties. This category holds products which didn't comfortably fit into any other. there's a wide range of different shapes and styles, many of which have multiple applications. Many novelty stress shapes capture the attention of business contacts simply by making them smile. If you can find the right product and put your brand on it, you are in with a chance of having it find a permanent place in a client's office and even better making people smile every time it's seen.

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    Guide to Using Novelty Stress Balls In Promotions

    Shipped direct from the USA many of the styles on offer have high quality moulded finishes and come with hand painted details. If the exact style you're seeking is not available our custom manufacturing service can produce novelty stress balls to your exact specifications. To learn more about this, and print and availability details of the products below FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999 to speak with a consultant.

    Novelty stress shapes can come in a plethora of different styles, and a brand has the ability to choose a design that not only stands out while in hand or on a shelf, but that reminds recipients just of the business they are in as well. Brands in any industry can appreciate the use of a novelty stress shape in promotional marketing, as these can be of great use to all types of recipients.

    The purpose of a stress shape is to help to relieve both mental and physical stresses, and this is done through squeezing the shape. As a recipient squeezes the shape repeatedly, it can help to clear the mind and rework muscle systems in the hands and wrists in an effort to relieve both stress and pain. When a brand provides promotional novelty stress shapes, they can associate their brand name in the minds of their consumers with the feeling of relaxation that comes from using one of these products.

    By choosing a stress shape that correlates with the theme of a brand, such as a bathtub for a plumbing company or a dollar sign for those in finance, a recipient can also be reminded of just what industry that brand is in as well as their company name or logo, and this aspect makes these products every effective in their marketing purposes.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Novelty stress shapes are made from high quality rubber and foam materials that allow them to work efficiently in relieving stress as well as stand out while on display. Each novelty shape is coloured with bright non-toxic materials to allow them to be safe and stand out pieces sure to get noticed whether they are in hand or resting on a desktop or shelf.

    Pad printing is used to place branding on novelty stress shape products, and this method is used due to how well it can allow branding to appear on the surface materials of the items. With pad printing, a brand may choose a single colour of print to use to represent their company, and this colour may be chosen from a vast array of different options to ensure a flattering piece.

    The pad printing of a logo or design will go onto the shape’s print area, and this area will be located on different spaced depending on the shape of the piece. The top, face, or side are the most common locations, but each print area is chosen with optimal visibility in mind.

    Promotional Case Study

    A plumbing company gave branded bathtub shaped stress shapes to customers who had work done in their homes. These stress shapes were branded with the company’s name and phone number, and they acted as useful and unique business cards as well as stress shape items. After the brand began giving out the shapes, they noticed that their number of repeat customers increased significantly.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Novelty shaped stress shapes may be large or small, but their light weight and ability to be compressed allows them to ship easily and affordably should a brand wish to reach far away recipients.

    Minimal Price: $2.80