Promotional Stationery Custom Printed

Even in this high tech world traditional arrangements in the office have remained much the same.Though we communicate with our colleagues by email rather than a memo or a tap on the shoulder, fundamental requirements for a successful office remain unchanged. Every office has desks, every desk needs stationery. Though there has been a push to move to 'hot desking' in large organisations nothing beats the comfort and security which comes with having your own territory. By providing your clients with custom desk stationery you're helping them take control of their personal space and adding your branding to become part of the daily routine.

    Using Desk Stationery in Marketing & Promotions

    In addition to the traditional office stationery lines, rulers, pencil sharpeners and tape dispensers, more modern options are also available which sync with the modern electronic office environment. Custom desk stationery is a great product to have designed and made from scratch so every time your offering is seen it's recognisably yours and represents your organisation alone. To learn more about the custom stationery manufacturing service and branding options available on more traditional options, FreeCall 1800 129 999 and speak with a Fresh Promotions consultant.

    Use Desk Stationery to Build Brand Awareness

    Desk stationery and accessories is a category that can encompass many items, and these can range from desk caddies to rubber erasers. Because this category is so varied, a brand can find an item that can not only perfectly suit their budget, but suit their brand message as well, allowing these products to be very effective in marketing. Desk stationery will often be used in an office setting, however it may be made use of in schools or personal desk spaces as well, and this allows many different audiences to see a brand message when it is placed on these highly versatile items.

    Brands in all types of industries can appreciate marketing themselves using desk stationery or accessories, and some of these may include those who work in corporate offices, those in education, the healthcare industry, or brands in the business of office supplies. Because people of all ages and professions use desk stationery, a brand can use these items to market to an unlimited number of individuals.

    Corporate gift options are available as well when desk stationery is branded, and these products can look just as professional on an executive’s desk as they can in a home desk setting.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Metal, plastic, rubber, acrylic, or wood are just some of the manufacture materials that go into creating promotional desk stationery and accessories. Inexpensive options are likely to be made from assorted plastic materials, and this allows these products to have both low prices and high durability for a long time of use. The plastics used are of the highest quality, and this will often create an item that looks and works in a higher end fashion than its price may suggest.

    For executive promotional desk stationery, wood or metal are the most popular options, and these create an elegant aesthetic as well as a sturdy construction.

    The print areas on desk stationery will vary from piece to piece, and this is due to the different sizes, shapes, and materials used in this category of items. The print area is where the brand logo or design will go on a product of choice, and this location is always chosen by paying close attention to the most visible regions during use or display.

    Pad printing, laser engraving, and screen printing are three common print methods used on desk stationery, and the type of branding method chosen will depend on the specific product to be branded.

    Promotional Desk Stationery Case Study

    An office supply company offered branded desk stationery to clients interested in their services. These clients were mostly those working in corporate offices, and the brand wanted to find a way to impress these individuals with their quality and service. The promotional stationery was so well received that the majority of the potential clients turned into actual clients after receiving their items.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Small and light pieces of promotional stationery can be shipped affordably, but for larger pieces, hand distribution is often a more effective method in order to keep costs low.

    Desk Stationery
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