Custom Confectionery Packaging Personalised & Printed


We have a full selection of different branded confectionery packaging that will allow you to sell, ship, and hand out your confectionery gifts to customers inside a branded packaging solution. A great way to get the word out and the perfect way to make the most of your investment by increasing brand visibility and the way in which it's displayed. Customised with full colour printing you to create a custom promotional confectionery package unique to your company. You can pick and choose from a lot of different styles that will give you the chance to get more from your marketing and find better ways to reach your audience. Although sweet and candy packaging seems simple, it's an effective way to reach your audience and it is something that you should consider as part of a structured program to reach a range of people and market segments

    Using Confectionery Packaging in Marketing & Promotions

    When offering lollies, cookies, chocolates, or other confections to the public, it is important that the packaging is able to reflect the brand. When marketing with such goods, the branding should remain in equal focus to the products themselves, and this will often mean the need for branded packaging to hold the confections in. During a trade show or conference, or simply around the office, branded packaging provides a way to offer treats and garner attention for a brand simultaneously, as the package will become a focus to all who enjoy the products or see them being displayed.

    Because any type of brand can use promotional confections, companies of any industry can also appreciate branded packaging as well. Those in education can use branded confectionery packaging to attract donators during a fundraiser just as easily as a retail establishment may use them to attract customers into their store, and the vast number of uses for these pieces of packaging makes them highly convenient. After the confections held in the branded packaging are gone, these containers may be used to hold other goods as well, allowing a brand’s logo to live even longer than the goodies contained inside. Pens, pencils, and small office good can be stored or carried in these branded packages to allow them to serve multiple purposes over time.

    Custom Branding

    Plastic, thin paper-like cardboard, glass, and even velvet are all material options for confectionery packaging, and the type of packaging a brand may choose will be determined by their specific wants in terms of budget, branding, and use. For public desks and tables, packaging manufactured from plastics or cardboard may be more appropriate, as these won’t be susceptible to breaking should they fall or be knocked over.

    If a brand is looking for something sleeker in terms of display, and breaking isn’t a concern, glass is an excellent option that can be used for many years to come in a variety of different ways. For an affordable packaging option that will also give a brand the opportunity to send their recipients home with a small branded item, velvet pouches are able to create a sophisticated look that remains inexpensive enough to hand out generously to the public. These pouches can hold any number of different confectionery items, and recipients may also use them to hold other goods once the treats have been consumed. Branding is always placed in the forefront of each packaging pieces, and this can be done by way of pad printing, digital printing, and well-placed printed labels.

    Confectionery Packaging Case Study

    At a food science conference, a candy manufacturer wanted to give samples to clients and other masters in the field. Each sample was contained in a small takeaway box which bore the full colour digital print of their name, telephone number, and logo on each side, and given to all who stopped by to further investigate their brand. As the day wore on, more and more visitors began arriving at their station, all stating that they were brought there by seeing the fun boxes travelling about the event.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Some packaging varieties, such as those which are foldable or small, are easy and inexpensive to ship across Australia or on a world-wide scale, while other options, such as glass or plastic jars, are more conveniently and affordably hand distributed.

    Minimal Price: $1.00