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Information on Pad Print Branding of Promotional Products

Pad Printing of Promotional Products

Pad printing the is the most cost effective and accurate method currently available for the mass application of two dimensional artwork to a three dimensional shape. For the great majority or promotional items pad printing is still the most effective way in which your artwork can be applied to an object not necessarily designed for specific logo branding.

The application process involves a soft silicone printing pad lifting the ink from a metal printing plate which carries the desired image. The silicone pad moves from printing plate to the product which is to carry the branding. Held in place with a specially manufactured jig once the ink has been applied the product is left to stand until it can be handled without damage to the printed image.

The flexible silicone pad used in the process allows the texture of the branded item to receive the ink without interruption due to surface variation. The inherent flexibility of the silicone ensures ink makes it into the minor texture variations of the product and achieves an even ink application.

Like other printing technologies such as the screen printing process the final result of pad printing is dependent on the attention to detail of the printer and his quality of their equipment. Fresh Promotions has contracts with the best pad printing operations in Australia and use them exclusively for products requiring this form of branding.

Promotional Items Commonly Pad Printed Include: Plastic Pens, Golf Balls, Rulers, Mugs, Pencils, Bookmarks.... and hundreds of others

Pad Printing Set-Up Charge - $75 (ex gst)

To achieve the best result with this form of printing accurate artwork needs to be reproduced on a printing plate. The cost and time involved in this process is a large part of the labor and investment required. As Fresh Promotions uses the best printers in the country the $75 (ex gst) charge is a guarantee of quality reproduction of your logo.

No Set-Up Charge for Repeat Orders

You are only charged the $75 set-up fee once for each piece of artwork. We keep the plates and artwork files on hand so when you come back for more we're ready to go straight into production.