Promotional Parker Pens Custom Printed


Parker Pen Company has been in operation for over 150 years; in fact Mr Parker started as a school teach in America in the 1800's and was constantly frustrated by the difficulty his students had using quill pens and pencils, in fact in those days most school work was conducted using slates and chalk. His innovative fountain pen design set the stage for the growth of the personal writing instruments industry which flourished through the twentieth century. Parker Pens are still a byword for quality and have been a traditional graduation and coming of age pen gift. It makes sense for your company to harness this traditional prestige and consider the use of promotional Parker Pens as part of an overall marketing strategy.

    Using Promotional Parker Pens in Marketing & Promotions

    Other than the quality of manufacture and the famous patented ink delivery system Parker Pens come in stylish presentation boxes which highlight their gift attributes and add substantial perceived value to any offered as a gift. Reward your staff and delight your clients with these famous gift pens. Available either printed or engraved, Parker pens are appreciated by everybody. to learn more about the Parker Pens range FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999 to speak with a pens consultant.

    Parker Pens - The Trusted Brand

    Parker pens are an ideal executive pen choice, and when adorned with branding, a company can be placed synonymously with elegance and quality in the minds of their recipients or those who see the products. These pens are designed with a sleek professionalism in mind, making these pieces excellent choices for brands who want to make an impression that matches the style of the pen. As a parker pen travels, its stylised design will be noticed easily by those who see the pen being used, and these highly portable promotional gift options are ones that will typically be taken on the go often. This aspect allows these pens to work while marketing a brand in a way that attracts the eye of various audiences in a multitude of different locations.

    Any brand that prides themselves on a sense of style and a professional nature can use these pens for promotion, and the industries that can brand these pens appropriately are limitless. Those in education, to those in corporate offices, to those working in pharmaceutical sales can use a branded parker pen to represent their company in a way sure to attract the positive attention the brand desires.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Stainless steel, brushed aluminium, carbon fibre, lacquer, or strong acrylics are just some of the materials that go into manufacturing parker pens, and these may be accented with rubber as well to ensure complete comfort during use. A click or twist mechanism located invisibly inside of the pen is used to keep the tip of the writing utensil safe while resting in a pocket or handbag, and the mechanism will vary depending on the type of pen chosen. For many styles, a metal clip located on the top of the pen will be able to hold the pen in place on the edge of a pocket or another surface in order to allow these pens to be stored within reach.

    Laser engraving is the most common print method with these pens, and this gives these items the ability to be used appropriately for corporate gifts. This branding method uses modern laser technology to engrave a brand’s logo or name into the surface of the material used in the pen, and this provides a way for the branding to remain visible for the entirety of the pen’s long life.

    Promotional Case Study

    During a yearly conference, a financial firm gifted branded parker pens to executives present at the event, and each pen was adorned with the engraving of the brand’s logo. These pens made a notably positive impression on recipients, and this translated into new business partnerships being made.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Parker pens can be shipped affordably, and their small size allows them to be easy to package even when large numbers are required. For the most enticing presentation, hand distribution in a branded gift box or pouch is often desired in order to allow a brand to make a more personal connection with their audience.

    Parker Pens
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