Promotional Pedometers Custom Branded


It seems that if you need to count your steps you're not exercising hard enough though modern fitness gurus slow and steady is the way to build good health. Promotional pedometers have uses with community groups for in-house fitness campaigns, even animal welfare organisations utilise pedometers to encourage engagement with pets whilst exercising. Pedometers have a simple mechanism which counts over a step every time the holder takes a stride. Different pedometer models include options to calculate total meterage (distance) or provide a record of previous times so you can aim to improve your performance. As a way to show your company is concerned about fitness and wellbeing pedometers are a cost effective option. Attached to your wrist, belt, shoes or to the dog's collar, a promotional pedometer will keep recording the steps even when you feel like you're out for the count

    Using Pedometers in Marketing & Promotions

    Pedometers are highly usable items, and people everywhere and of all ages use these easy machines to track their daily steps in an effort to take control of their health. Because these are products built to travel with recipients as they walk, they are also excellent vessels for branding, and a company’s logo, name, or other image can be seen by audiences far and wide when it is placed on a pedometer. Those in the fitness industry can best appreciate pedometers, however those in sporting goods or outdoor goods can benefit from their use as well. These are products made to attract active individuals, and these are people who will often be seen reaching their fitness goals outdoors or in gyms, where the branding on these products will be visible to other like-minded individuals.

    While some industries may benefit the best by using branded pedometers, these can be used appropriately by just about any type of brand. A corporate office looking to encourage fitness goals for employees may use branded pedometers as an incentive, a shoe brand selling athletic shoes could provide branded pedometers with purchase to promote both their brand and activity, or those in the healthcare industry can provide pedometers to patients in an effort to improve health; because these are such versatile items, they can be used to promote any sort of brand.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Pedometers can be made from hard and durable plastic materials such as acrylic or metal materials for executive gift options. No matter the materials used in creating the pedometer, these are sturdy products that are built to last throughout many years of active use. A branded pedometer can come in a multitude of different shapes and sizes, and some may be large enough to fit a fitness chart while others are so small in size they could be mistaken for a common credit card. Those in all size varieties can be found in many price points, allowing a brand to truly choose the option which will fit their uses best.

    The print area on a pedometer will be in a visible location, and this is commonly on the top of the product or the product’s lid should it be encased. The print area is the area reserved for branding, and these regions are strategically chosen for maximum visibility. Pad printing is the method used to adorn pedometers with branding, and a company may choose any colour they desire to best fit their logo.

    Promotional Case Study

    A pharmaceutical company looking to start a fitness initiative gifted employees with branded pedometers that they could use while at work or in their personal lives. The brand also started a contest which gave prizes to the top 10 most active individuals as determined by the promotional pieces, and this created a great buzz of excitement over the items.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Pedometers are often small, and these small varieties may be shipped affordably to recipients. For larger pieces, or high numbers of items, hand distribution may prove to be more affordable.

    Minimal Price: $3.81