Promotional Pen Boxes Custom Printed


While everybody loves a promotional pen they are essentially a utilitarian item, good for jotting down notes, you can lift this gift item into a whole new level of marketing power by packaging it in a way that turns it into a personal gift. The range of pen gift boxes and packaging available allows you to transform a mundane item into a personal gesture. It's no surprise that major pen manufacturers like Mont Blanc or Parker often spend more money on the packaging of their products than the pens themselves! You don't have to go to this extreme, by mix and matching one of our metal pen range with a pen gift box which suits your branding you can leverage your investment into something of higher apparent value.

    Using Pen Boxes in Marketing & Promotions

    From hinged satin lined pen boxes through to cheap velvet sleeves which cost only a few cents there's a style and price point to suit every pen. To find out more about how you can take advantage of the branding strengths of promotional pen packaging FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999.

    Packaging For Your Promotional Pen Gift

    A finely crafted pen can certainly make an impact for a brand, but when this pen’s packaging matches the status of the item itself, the impression it is able to bestow upon its recipients is multiplied exponentially. Pen packaging can not only keep a pen safe while in transit to a recipient, it can round out the style element of the piece as well, and those receiving the pen will be just as likely to keep the packaging as the pen it stored.

    When giving a corporate or executive gift, pen packaging can bring an element of professionalism to the presentation of the item. This branded packaging will also provide a second branded item to the package, and this provides twice the amount of exposure. Whether the packaging is being used to store the pen, or the pen is in use leaving the packaging on display, a brand is able to create double the impact with a single promotional gift. Because brands of all industries can appropriately use pens in marketing, brands of all industries can use pen packaging as well, and these promotional pieces come in a multitude of price points to serve the needs of any sized company.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Both boxes and pouches can be manufactured to package promotional pens, and these can be made from many different materials. Velour, velvet, wood, cardboard, metal materials, and hard plastic are just some of the materials that go into the making of pen packaging, and this allows a brand to have several options to choose from in order to pick the option that best suits their budget and personal needs.

    Pen boxes will typically use either a spring closing mechanism or magnets to stay open or closed, and both varieties are available with styles of different manufacture materials. For pouches, the pen will typically stay enclosed within the pouch on its own, so no closing mechanism is often needed with these styles.Branding will often be placed within the front facing print area on a pen box or pouch, and this provides a way for the brand images or company name to always be seen. Print areas are chosen on all items to encompass the most visible location in order to achieve maximum marketing potential. Pad printing or laser engraving are the two print methods to choose from when branding pen packaging, and both provide their own distinct benefits.

    Promotional Case Study

    A design firm gifted employees with metal pens enclosed in a metal pen box. The pen boxes were adorned with the same laser engraved branding as the pens, and recipients were impressed by the entire presentation of the piece. The pen boxes could then be seen lying visibly on office desks as the pens were used frequently throughout the workday.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Pen boxes and pouches can be shipped affordably to recipients if the products are lightweight, however heavier pen boxes may cause shipping costs to rise in large numbers. Presentation is often most effective when these are given by hand to recipients with a branded pen included inside.

    Pen Packaging
    Minimal Price: $2.00